Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You Get What You Deserve

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Auto accident law is different from any other kind of law in the United States. Whether you or someone you know has been through a car accident or you’re making assumptions about court cases, no one can foretell the outcome of an accident case. Below are discussed some of the most common myths and misconceptions about auto accident cases.

1. Every state’s laws are the same. Car insurance rates are governed by state agencies, and can vary widely by state. Some states mandate the purchase of liability coverage, and some do not. Some states have ‘no fault’ laws, while other states work on an ‘at fault’ basis. No fault laws, are often misinterpreted by those who aren’t sure who pays in the event of an accident.

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2. In simple terms, no fault means that an accident victim gets certain benefits no matter who caused the accident. For instance, a person’s insurer pays their economic losses after an accident, even if that person was at fault. In at fault states, the assignment of payment responsibility is based on degrees of fault.

3. I can get damages just because I’m hurt. Some states require car accident victims to fulfill certain requirements before collecting damages. To qualify for extra damages, the victim must have suffered disfigurement, impairment or death because of the accident.

4. It’s easy to collect a huge settlement if your injuries are severe. Car Accident Lawyers have seen countless cases dismissed for victims with life-changing injuries. The law is open to interpretation and it’s constantly evolving and insurers are using any means necessary to minimize economic losses. Every case is unique, and hiring an aggressive attorney that has a FREE consultation Available may not get you the reward you want.

5. Holding out encourages my insurer to settle. A victim’s circumstances can affect an insurer’s desire to settle a case out of court. Talking to your lawyer about your situation may help you better understand your case’s chances of success, but as stated previously there are no guarantees.

6. I can hire any personal injury attorney. As accident law is always changing, there’s significant uncertainty for general lawyers who try to handle accident cases.

When recovering from a car accident, it is important to hire Car Accident Lawyers. Your accident attorney with can deal with insurers, and they can get you the award you deserve.

Ensuring Patient Engagement That Is Hipaa Compliant}

Ensuring patient engagement that is HIPAA compliant


The social media are becoming a force to reckon with in the field of clinical research

The major reason for which there are widespread violations of the HIPAA Rules for communicating with patients by unencrypted email and text message is that healthcare providers and Covered Entities and their Business Associates are ignorant of the rules. Although the HIPAA Rules are pretty straightforward and easy to follow; providers and Business Associates who dont implement them in accordance with what is required under the law are at great risk and directly liable for breaking them.

Not many are aware that simple items such as an appointment reminder, Happy Birthday wishes, reminders that a patient is overdue for a checkup or has an outstanding balance on a bill, qualify for a PHI by definition, even though no diagnostics-specific information could be contained in them. These are the finer elements of HIPAA rules that Covered Entities and their Business Associates need to be thoroughly aware of.

Knowing how they can maximize the use of key patient communication tools while protecting themselves and their organization from government penalties and patient lawsuits is of crucial importance. It is important for healthcare providers and Business Associates not to land in serious trouble simply because they didnt follow the HIPAA Rules for unencrypted electronic communication with patients.

The HIPAA Safe Harbor

Healthcare providers have a mandatory duty to warn patients about risks associated with unencrypted email. Even after receiving the warning, if a patient refuses to receive unencrypted emails; healthcare providers and Business Associates must strictly follow the patient’s restriction.

HIPAA also offers what it calls the HIPAA safe harbor, which frees the provider and the Business Associate from being responsible for unauthorized access of a patient’s PHI during transmission and for safeguarding PHI delivered to the patient.

Full understanding of how to be HIPAA compliant with patient engagement

A webinar that is being organized by MentorHealth, a leading provider of professional trainings for all the area of healthcare, will offer learning on HIPAA Rules for transmitting informational email and text messages to patients over an electronic communications network.

Paul R. Hales, an expert on HIPAA Privacy, Security, Breach notification and Enforcement Rules with a national HIPAA consulting practice based in St. Louis, and the author of all content in The HIPAA E-Tool, an Internet-based, Software as a Service product for healthcare providers and Business Associates; will be the speaker at this webinar. please register for this webinar. This course is approved for 1 general credit from the Nevada Board of Continuing Legal Education.

At this webinar, Paul will offer detailed explanation of all the areas concerning HIPAA compliant patient engagement. He will explain this topic in the following parts:

oThe information that makes a message subject to HIPAA

oThe safe harbor – How healthcare providers may obtain consent from patients to send PHI in unencrypted email and unencrypted text messages and not be responsible for unauthorized access to the PHI in transmission or when received by the patient

oWhat a healthcare provider must do if a patient does not agree to receive PHI in unencrypted email or unencrypted text message

oThe requirements for a Business Associate to be able to communicate by email or text message with a patient on behalf of a healthcare provider

oHow a Business Associate may protect itself from liability for violating HIPAA Rules about email and text messages in its Business Associate Agreement

oWhat a healthcare provider must do if a patient does not agree to receive PHI in unencrypted emails or text messages

oHow healthcare providers and Business Associates may prove they are compliant with the HIPAA Rules through documentation

oThe Policies and Procedures healthcare providers and Business Associates must have in place to comply with HIPAA Rules concerning communication with patients through email and text message

The following areas will be covered at this webinar:

oMore and more patients like the convenience of email and text message

oThe HIPAA safe harbor – how you can communicate with patients in the way they prefer and protect your organization

oHow healthcare providers and Business Associates can work together to avoid violating HIPAA Rules about email and text message communications with patients

This course is of immense value to healthcare providers, dentists, optometrists, physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, hospitals, Business Associates, those in billing, collection, insurance brokerage, patient engagement and marketing companies.

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MentorHealth is a comprehensive training source for healthcare professionals. Our trainings are high on value, but not on cost. MentorHealth is the right training solution for healthcare professionals. With MentorHealth, healthcare professionals can make use of the best benefits relating to their professional training.

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Compare Auto Insurance Prices 5 Simple Tactics}

Compare Auto Insurance Prices – 5 Simple Tactics


Oliver Turner

It is very important to compare auto insurance quotes provided online. The comparison is necessary to make sure that you are getting the lowest auto insurance quote. It is very easy to compare auto insurance quote, if you are doing an online search. Most of sites give you an opportunity to get three auto insurance quotes side-by-side for comparison.

No limitation is given for quotes; you can get as many quotes as you wish to compare one with another. Here are some simple tactics to compare auto insurance quotes.

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1. First of all you have to fill an online form, to request free quote for the coverage you desire to include in your policy. Always compare auto insurance quotes for the same coverage.

2. Always remember that price is not the only criteria to approve any auto insurance. Try to know how long the company is working in the field of auto insurance. At the time of comparison, you will find that emerging companies offer lower quotes. This will be a great idea to ask auto insurance quotes from newer companies, but be aware while buying insurance from them.

3. If you have two accidents and/or 3 traffic rules violations in your account then it will be difficult for you to find cheap auto insurance quote. In such a condition you have to do an extensive comparison to find a good quote that suits your budget.

4. It will be better to make up your credit history before requesting for an auto insurance quote, as it will give adverse effect to insurance company. Company may offer you higher quotes. Thus it is not a recommended step for people with bad credit history.

5. It is better for you to start requesting auto insurance quotes in advance. If your insurance policy is nearing the expiry date you might face problem to get a cheaper quote. Start from current company, they might offer lowest quotes.

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