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The purpose of the 2009 DV Green Card Lottery is to increase diversity within the United States through random lottery winners from select countries.

Winners are selected only after completing an entry from and submitting it in a timely manner, complete and without any errors. Any minor errors or late submissions will significantly decrease your chances of being selected in the DV-2009 Green card Lottery.

Although there has been a new green card lottery every year, there is no guarantee that there will be a DV-2010. There may be a change in the US Immigration Policy, ending the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program.


There are plenty of job opportunities in the United States. What you should know about is proper procedure to get one. And here at, which helps in filling out the forms of diversity lottery for green card in a complete and accurate manner, you can get some tips how you can get a job in the US.

Job vacancies are advertised in the job portals, newspapers, magazines and employment centers. And if you have positive attitude and try your best you can get a job. But it is always advisable for immigrants and the green card or US visa holders to get a job before entering the country. You cannot say how long you will take to get a job.

Before you apply for a job you should follow some tips and go through proper procedures. First, know yourself where you can be fit well and perform. Go for a job where you can use your acquired skills and you are well adept. If you have some work experience, you should make use of that while applying for a job.

Browse the Internet and check newspapers and magazines regularly to find job advertisements. Besides, make some connections with those who are in the US or working there, by which you can know about the availability of jobs.

Prepare a resume detailing your educational qualifications, work experience and any special professional skills if you have acquired. You can if you want take the help of a professional resume maker. But it is not a must. You can also prepare your resume. You can see sample resumes in the Internet.

While applying for a job, send the resume along with a cover letter. Also know about the company where you have applied for a job. When you get a call for an interview, make yourself prepared for the general questions like about your past experience and the skills you have acquired.

Also know about US visa, and other requirements which are must to enter the US and work there. You can also apply for the green card or the diversity lottery 2008. Full time students of certain nationalities can apply for a J1 “Exchange Visitor” visa which allows paid work for up to 4 months in virtually any type of job in the US. If you are an H-1B visa holder, you can be allowed to work in the United States. Nurses, math teachers, and computer science professionals are working in the US are in most cases are H-1B visa holders. If you have a B1/B2 visitor visa, you will not be allowed to work in the US.

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