byAlma Abell

Auto accident law is different from any other kind of law in the United States. Whether you or someone you know has been through a car accident or you’re making assumptions about court cases, no one can foretell the outcome of an accident case. Below are discussed some of the most common myths and misconceptions about auto accident cases.

1. Every state’s laws are the same. Car insurance rates are governed by state agencies, and can vary widely by state. Some states mandate the purchase of liability coverage, and some do not. Some states have ‘no fault’ laws, while other states work on an ‘at fault’ basis. No fault laws, are often misinterpreted by those who aren’t sure who pays in the event of an accident.


2. In simple terms, no fault means that an accident victim gets certain benefits no matter who caused the accident. For instance, a person’s insurer pays their economic losses after an accident, even if that person was at fault. In at fault states, the assignment of payment responsibility is based on degrees of fault.

3. I can get damages just because I’m hurt. Some states require car accident victims to fulfill certain requirements before collecting damages. To qualify for extra damages, the victim must have suffered disfigurement, impairment or death because of the accident.

4. It’s easy to collect a huge settlement if your injuries are severe. Car Accident Lawyers have seen countless cases dismissed for victims with life-changing injuries. The law is open to interpretation and it’s constantly evolving and insurers are using any means necessary to minimize economic losses. Every case is unique, and hiring an aggressive attorney that has a FREE consultation Available may not get you the reward you want.

5. Holding out encourages my insurer to settle. A victim’s circumstances can affect an insurer’s desire to settle a case out of court. Talking to your lawyer about your situation may help you better understand your case’s chances of success, but as stated previously there are no guarantees.

6. I can hire any personal injury attorney. As accident law is always changing, there’s significant uncertainty for general lawyers who try to handle accident cases.

When recovering from a car accident, it is important to hire Car Accident Lawyers. Your accident attorney with can deal with insurers, and they can get you the award you deserve.