The Value of Antique Art Auctions


David Alan

Auctions have been around for many years, but it s the online auction that is growing in popularity. The online antique art auction won t replace the in person auction in a building. The online auctions are in addition to and serve as companion to the physical auctions. Buyers still like to look closely, touch and feel. However, it is the online auction available anytime on the web that gives access to the antiques found across the nation.

Sites like eBay paved the way for successful auctioning so antique art auctions are growing. The general population is very much aware of how to make online purchases, not only with a computer, but with mobile devices as well. A website gives the opportunity to consolidate artifacts and pieces that could not be brought together in one place than anywhere else.

Traditional auctions can only display products that are local. Online auctions can take advantage of any antique anywhere. The best auctions are the ones with variety and nothing can compare to an online auction. Although it is not the same as an in person inspection of an antique, the opportunity for people to find what they are looking for is greater.


Multiple galleries can combine together into one auction providing the best display of antiques on one website.

Successful online auctions combine multiple galleries and auctions to one central online auction to make the overall display enticing and interesting for bidders. More the pieces and artifacts, greater is the interest. For more information

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An auction website holds more than one auction. Multiple auctions happen with auctioneers and bidders sharing the same site. An auction website can have multiple auctions happening at once. Because there is no building rental, an auction can run asynchronously 24 hours any day. Anyone can join the auction at anytime, anywhere, and on any computer, tablet, or cell phone. An online antique art auction gives a piece a display and bidding opportunity to a larger audience over a larger time. There is no time constraint that a building would have. The travel, parking, and ticketing required at an auction is not an issue. Finding vendors to keep potential bidders enticed is not necessary. The online auction makes bidding easy with fewer time restrictions.

An online antique art auction is an easier way for sellers to present their pieces to a larger audience. It cost less to present too. Large pieces require the cost and insurance to transport to a physical auction that is scheduled for a particular day. An online auction can display a piece with pictures and video.

Effective videos give a true walk around and demonstrate moving parts if any. High definition photographs can show the genuine antique nature of the piece with close ups and angular shots. A good display has more than one video and many high definition and high resolution photographs that are long shots and close ups.


to know more. Taking a video or picture requires excellent lighting and a soft or tranquil background that doesn t distract from the piece.

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