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Speed has always caught the imagination of men, it provides an amazing thrill. With the invention of automobiles, acceleration acquired a completely new meaning. Mechanized demons, powered by gasoline gushing through their veins changed the life of people around the world. The roaring engine, the clouds of flying dust and the extreme power, automobiles project immense grace and beauty. Men have always been fond of power, steering a giant with minimal effort gave men an amazing feel of supremacy.

Do you ever wonder while gawking at a Ferrari, Porsche or Maybach, who designed these mean beauties? Has your imagination ever floated towards designing your dream car? If yes, an amazingly challenging, lucrative and creatively satisfying career is Transportation Design is knocking at your door. Although it is highly challenging and menacingly competitive, the talented will strike gold in this profession. You can work in mammoth companies which include General Motors, Toyota, Ferrari, Chevrolet, the list goes on. But before jumping into transportation design, it is important to completely research about all the aspects of it.

What is Transportation Design and What is the Role of Transportation Designer?

Transportation design is the process involved in the design and development of the ergonomics and appearance of automobiles. Although it is primarily focused on the development visual appearance of the vehicle, there are aspects of product establishment involved in it. For a career in design it is important to have education in industrial or transportation design field and an eye for creativity.


A vehicle is typically designed by a team of technicians and engineers. The designing task is typically split into three major aspects, the interior, exterior, and color and trim design. Graphic designing is also a vital aspect of automobile design. Transportation design is not only centered on the shape of the automobile parts, it also focuses on the combination of form and function, starting from the vehicle package. Graphic design is also an aspect of automotive design; this is generally shared amongst the design team as the lead designer sees fit. A Transport Designer steers a company into the future by conceiving and proposing new ideas and designs. He helps the company in maintaining an intrinsic flow of customers and constant upper hand over its competitors.

Important Factors to Consider Before Joining a Transportation Design Institute

Planning a career is similar to designing a vehicle, hence if you wish to work with the prime names of the automobile industry, it is critical that you choose you Transportation Design institute carefully. Some of the important factors to consider before joining a Design institute are listed below:

It is of extreme importance that you choose your entry portfolio that suits your designing tastes. A competitive portfolio should actually be given priority, owing to better future prospects.

The facility organization of the institute of your choice should be top-class. State-of-art Computer labs, technology and model shops are vital to assure quality of your models and projects.

Accreditation is an important factor to consider while comparing difference game schools. Accredited schools ensure quality education standards. But your decision must not solely rest on accreditation; it is also advised to consider the reputation of the college in the industry. A quick look at the employment details of the pass out students of the college will be sufficient for this check.

The diploma or degree offered by the university should be recognized nationally and globally by all the major car companies. This is one of the most important aspects if you wish for a rewarding career in automobile design.

Although it is a very challenging career choice, it promises a rewarding future. An eye for creativity and good guidance is necessary for the development of a student into a design professional. DSK International School of Design, with a unique blend of nation and international students offers a great learning opportunity to budding transportation designers. With state-of-art facilities, DSK ISD will surely steer your designing career into overdrive.

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