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AT and T and Garmin today announced the Garmin Nuvi G60 will be available beginning October 4 only for AT and T customers in the USA. The AT and T Nuvi G60 provides one of the easiest to use location experiences available because it is the only phone to fully integrate the world’s best selling GPS navigator with voice, data and mobile web.

The Quadband GSM Garmin Nuvi G60 with 3.5G was designed for high speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) networks and supports WiFi for fast data connections. When used on a HSDPA network, the Garmin Nuvi G60 has the ability to download files at up to 3.6 MB per second a fast transfer speed that makes internet searches and downloading large files a breeze. The AT and T Garmin Nuvi G60


has the same core features as a high end Garmin Nuvi and comes preloaded with maps and millions of points of interest (POI) for North America. Customers who purchase a Nuvi will have everything that they need to use the device as an in-car navigation unit including a dashboard and windshield mount. The device can easily be mounted in the car or detached for portable navigational use.

The Garmin Nuvi G60 has a large 3.55-inch display that features three primary icons Call, Search, and View Map. Secondary icons appear on the side of the home screen and can be organized by the user’s preference. Customers can easily scroll through the icons by swiping their finger across the resistive touch screen display, and a built-in accelerometer allows every screen to be viewed in either portrait or landscape orientation.

The Garmin Nuvi G60 was developed with an LBS-centric design philosophy. Location information is added to everyday applications including email, SMS, photo sharing, social networking and more in order to enhance applications and share location information with others.

Navigation is at the heart of the Nuvi G60. The Garmin Nuvi G60 sat nave operates like a Garmin Nuvi G60with preloaded maps of local market, and has millions of points of interest (POIs) including hotels, restaurants and street addresses. The POIs can be easily accessed for turn-by-turn voice prompted directions. If a turn is missed along the route, the Nuvi G60 automatically recalculates a route and gets the user back on track.

In addition to millions of preloaded POIs, users can supplement the data with LBS-centric applications from Connected Services, a suite of online applications and dynamic relevant data from Garmin-Asus that adds location intelligence to navigation, phone and browser functions. The expandable list of applications and content includes real-time traffic information, Google Local search, White Pages, weather, flight status and movie times.

The Garmin-Asus Nuvi product line represents a significant step forward in location based service (LBS) technology and offers a superior and innovative value proposition for those seeking an all-in-one, LBS-centric phone, mobile web-browser and personal navigator. Although every Garmin-Asus Nuvi has LBS at its core, each device has unique characteristics because they are designed for specific audience. In addition to millions of preloaded POIs, customers can supplement the data with additional free and subscription content. The Nuvi includes free access to AT and Ts Yellow Pages, flight status and converter. Premium Connected Services gives customers subscription access to real-time traffic information, fuel prices, White Pages, weather and more. For more details Visit


AT and T Garmin Nuvi G60

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