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There are many reasons that you may want to believe buying real estate in Costa Rica. The cost of income is low, you will have a high return on your investment, low property taxes, and the government is offering tax breaks to residents of foreign countries. The overall cost of housing in the country is low, they can also offer the most modern medical facilities, and it is a growing tourist destination with some of the most attractive beaches in the world. You will have a diverse array of properties to choose from, coastal locations, mansions, castles, ranches, hotels, resorts, condominiums, luxury properties, and rental properties. Of 140 countries rated for investment safety Costa Rica ranked twenty-seventh. It has one of the most stable governments in the area, and has for many years.

Ownership of Costa Rica Real Estate is more or less the same as in North America. Registry of mortgages and liens in Costa Rica work the same way. Costa Rica estate investments are known to have good returns. A beachfront condominium in Flamingo beach or Jaco is not only relaxing to any visitor, but also a good rental property for tourists visiting the areas. Real estate in Costa Rica however, should not be constructed anywhere on the 50-meter zone from the high tide. These tracts of land are owned by the municipal and regarded as public property.


Before purchasing property in Costa Rica, learn about Costa Rican real estate laws. When you contact an agent be sure to communicate all of your needs and wants carefully, to assure that you stay within your budget limitations. Your local agent will be able to help you get familiar with the real estate laws of the country.

As with all real estate do your research and compare what several different agencies have to offer. Once you have chosen the property that you would like to purchase, seek advice from a reliable real estate attorney. Have your attorney and real estate agent complete the deal, and be sure to register the transfer of deed. Make sure that you have copies of all the documents in writing.

Enjoy your search for real estate in Costa Rica above all else. You may want to utilize the internet to help search through the many available properties. Costa Rica is a beautiful country with much to offer. It has an up and coming economy, and a government that is dedicated to the growth of their country through tourism and other means.

You will be able to search properties in a wide variety of environments. Costa Rica can offer you properties in beachfront locations (either the Pacific or Caribbean coast), mountainous locations, and even locations near the rain forest. You will be able to purchase a home to fit your needs to perfection. You may want to purchase a home for retirement, or a second home to use as a family vacation destination, or an investment property that you will be able to resell for a handsome profit.

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