5 Exceptional Fleet Management Benefits Of Gps Tracking Gps Tracking Software}

5 Exceptional Fleet Management Benefits of GPS Tracking GPS Tracking Software



A GPS system has brought a real revolution in the field of Fleet Management. The transporters, who used to be in lose most often due to bad transport administration, now able to earn some valuable bucks and earning a significant profit now. However, how does it work?

How a GPS Tracking Software can save your loss and benefit your business multiple ways? Lets find out about some key benefits of tracking system in Fleet or Transport management.

1. Customized routes

You can now fix customized and shortest possible routes for the drivers to save fuel. Moreover, you can vigilantly monitor whether or not the drivers are following these routes. You can keep an eye on any kind of route diversion taking place with the help of Vehicle Tracking Software.

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2. Unauthorized use of the Vehicle on Duty

One can easily track any unauthorized use of the vehicle went on duty. This again controls the loss of fuel and also helps you prevent any illegal use of the vehicle, which can be done if watchdog is not being done. So, again, its one of the most crucial uses of this incredible Vehicle Tracking System.

3. Prompt Transportation

It makes the transportation, delivery, or arrival prompt and on dot. With the Alerts on the delays in delivery, feature of this device, you can easily confirm whether or not the vehicle has reached the destination on time.

4. Vehicle Maintenance Alerts at the regular basis

GPS based Vehicle Tracking System sends the Vehicle Maintenance Alerts on a regular basis, which helps you maintenance of the vehicle timely. It also provides you exhaustive Summarized Reports of the Vehicle, which is an exceptional advantage to have for any transport management company.

5. Alert through Email and SMS

One of the key advantages of a GPS based Vehicle Tracking System is its alert facility via E-mail and SMS. You are bound to get the various alerts through SMS and e-mail, such as, alert on delay in delivery, speed and ac, panic button alert, summarized report of the vehicle, etc.

Hence, tracking software is all in all a blessing for the transport industry. It helps fleet management system various ways, reduces the expenses and enhances the profit of the logistic service provides a tremendous way. However, a big time question here is

How to Purchase the best GPS system to produce desired results

Well, Convexicon Software Solutions is the leading software development company that manufacture and supplies the most advanced, efficient and durable GPS Tracking devices, which are especially designed for Fleet management.

Many Logistic companies or transport service providers have installed and praised the Vehicle Tracking System manufactured by Convexicon. So, if you have not installed this incredible software on your vehicles till date, its time to visit the Convexicon website, explore different devices, and choose the best one for your transport management works.

Convexicon Software Solutions is often considered as the most reliable GPS tracking software service provider in India. At Convexicon, we are committed to provide the best quality service with the highest quality of performance in the solutions offered. You can get more details about us at convexiconindia.com

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