By Y.T. Lee

On one hand there is the increasing costs of energy bills and on the other hand there is the issue of saving the environment. Both these issues are interlinked to each other and play a huge part in our lives. It is due to these two facts that most owners of homes are looking for alternative means to power their homes. Their problems are resolved by using home solar panels that permit them to harness the free power of sunlight and convert the same into free electricity. Not free exactly since you have to pay the initial price for the solar panels, but after that you do not have to pay anything as long as there are no special bills that will charge you for using sunlight.

Users of electricity all over the world know that the costs of power are increasing every year and a time will come when they shall no longer be able to afford electricity current for their day-to-day uses. Think of your kitchen and the gas or oil powered ovens you are using. The costs of gas and oil too will increase, since there are limited reserves of these natural fuels left. The only way to avoid monetary crunch is by employing solar cells that will permit you to use as much electricity that you want without spending any money for the same. No doubt, the batteries that are used to store the power generated by these cells have a limited life, but if you consider the savings on your power bill, it is peanuts.


Just visit any store that deals in these photovoltaic panels or check out any site on the Internet that sells them and you will find that they are extremely cheap. Make a small calculation and you will find that these cells pay of for themselves in just a few months of use. The government too is encouraging usage of photovoltaic cells and is providing tax relief and other sops to those who are planning to install and use these environment friendly sources of power. Most such panels are also available in kit form and installing them is quite easy. If you have a basic knowledge of soldering then you can easily set up one such panel. However, if you are not familiar with soldering irons, you can purchase a pre-configured panel that should not cost you more than $3000 and that will take care of your domestic electric requirements.

Check out your recent power bills and you will realize that the home solar panels will pay off for themselves in a short period of time. It is high time you prepared yourself for the power source of the future and ensured that you are not left in the lurch. The days are not far away when using alternative sources of power shall remain the only alternative. It does not cost too much to assemble such a power plant and you will be proud of the fact that you have set up your own power plant.

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