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A space bed is a raised bed like a cot, however without the lower beds – liberating floor space for other furniture, (for example, a work area) which may be incorporated with the space bed.

A space bed means a cot that has just the top bunk, making an open space underneath that can be possessed by a trunk, drawers, or even a work range. This makes hang beds a productive utilization of little spaces by using the whole vertical range that would somehow or another be left unused. Some space beds even have stowable/trundle beds while holding the ability to contain workstations and drawers. Hang beds can be more costly than cots because of implicit stockpiling limit and different components.

Different names are mezzanine bed, (bunk) high sleeper (bed), hang bunk.

That room can be used for storage, as a closet, to fit a desk and so on. They are ideal for kids as well as adults. However, this means that your bed is now off the floor and up in the air, which also means that you have to have a way to get up there. Depending on your room, you style and the occupants of the loft bed you will have to choose a style. One idea for a staircase for loft beds is the ladder.

The traditional ladder gives your loft bed an even bigger advantage at saving space. Since the ladder does not need to be far from the bed, but rather fixed in a vertical position, the staircase will not occupy the space that you are trying to save. On the other hand, a ladder might not be suitable for everyone. It is not very stable on the feet and the vertical position can rather be an imposition.

Small children might not be able to climb it, so it has its pros and cons, you will have to decide.

Another idea for a staircase is the normal stairs with railing.

Now this could get a bit tricky. You have to match the staircases with the loft beds. If the bed is made out of metal, then you need a staircase that matches, and if it is made of wood, the same idea applies. When it comes to the staircase with railings you have to take into consideration that it has to be tilted away from the bed so that you can climb it.

This has its pros and cons as well. Although it could be a good idea for children, because it would fit their tiny feet and they would be safe it will take up some space you were trying to preserve. Furthermore, it might be too small for grownups if the stairs themselves are too small.

Of course, as it is the case with anything we humans build, there are those loft beds that have staircases that are out of the ordinary. For example, you could have a ladder to go up, but you could have a slide to come down.

This is a great idea for kids. Some could use rope to build muscles or a firefighter pole. In addition, you can have stairs in your loft beds that have each step turned into a drawer, and thus saving even more space.

You can also have individual steps which you can retract yourself and save more space. You can even come up with your own idea and build your loft bed castle for your young ones. Staircases, colors and material; choose those three and imagine yourself a bed!

Loft beds are amazing for saving space in a small room. You simply elevate the bed off the floor and you have a completely new room underneath the bed.

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