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Why not make a holiday in honor of bottled h2o! All of us folks could take part on this occasion of everything hair-brained, sad, irresponsible, and environmentally vulgar in the bottled drinking water market that several of us so sadly help (myself included)!

I m not pointing any fingers on this. I m as responsible as anyone else. I have snagged numerous bottled water containers from many a gas station refrigerator and slurped it straight down in the hot summer sun. I’ve even snagged a container or 2 to tame my German Wirehair s thirst when out grouse hunting in hot weather. He appears to enjoy the water at times more than I do.

The image of bottled drinking water is one of ice topped glaciers trickling cascading streams of angel kissed water. It’s nature’s most refined nectar, caught, bottled and sealed to stifle our thirsty throats. Like lemmings running from a cliff face we grab the containers from retail outlet shelves. Mindlessly drooling and enthralled by the snow topped summits on the front. And with out question we guzzle straight down the refreshing H20, devoid of a thought concerning the grade of the liquid or the effect towards the environment. Just how could such a happy looking and pure label be nearly anything except absolute bliss, correct?

A current 2011 Investigation by the Environmental Working Group concludes that Just about every twenty-seven hrs Americans consume sufficient bottled h2o to encompass the entire equator with resin bottles stacked end to end.


Rather sickening should you stop to think about it. It would be one matter if we had horribly polluted water right here in the U.S., just like they do down in Mexico where licking so much as an ice cube could possibly have you glued to the toilet for hours in a very sweat riddled fight with Montezuma s Revenge. If bottled h2o was a necessity due to the fact we had no other option, then burying our selves in plastic water containers could well be a little more understandable. It would be just a little bit less pathetic.

But the reality is that most contained drinking water is simply just bottled tap h20! That’s correct! It’s the same drinking water you receive whenever you stroll over to the sink and fill a glass, only:

– Bottled h2o rates are approximately 1,900 times Greater than faucet h2o

– Contained water grade guidelines are LESS Extreme than those enforcing the quality of tap wate

– Contained water contains chemicals leeched from the resin containers (as opposed to faucet water)

– It normally requires an estimated 2,000 times more energy to make bottled water than to create an similar amount of tap water (Gleick 2009).

So quite possibly it really is time to ask our selves why we’re so addicted to quaffing down water that costs far more, pollutes more, consists of more harmful chemicals and creates more waste than standard tap water?

Plenty of people today are uneasy in regards to the quality of their tap water. In these instances simply adding an in-sink water filtering system is a lot more than satisfactory to remedy any troubles. Many construction codes lately also necessitate backflowbackflow protection check valves and pressurized drinking water well systems to forestall contamination of water wells. Plus a uncomplicated test kit can prove the grade of your well water as well.

As American’s we’ve got some of the top quality, most stringently filtered and thoroughly tested clean water resources in the whole world. Let’s open our eyes & visualize how ignorant we’re all acting by obtaining contained drinking water and falling victim to the many wonderfully made advertising programs and well created labeling that fool us all.

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