Facelift in Thailand – Face to face with the future


Shayne V

Hello everyone, it is me again. Remember how I talked about having a facelift in Thailand well I just want to update you all on my adventures and progress, to say it has been a wild ride would be an understatement. I knew that it would be different but I never knew how different it would be or what I was really up against until it all happened and it happened so fast that I was quite positive that something had gone wrong or awry. Let me tell you that Thailand is a fantastic place and Bangkok is indeed one heck of a vibrant city. The company I dealt with for the facelift were very polite and welcoming and spoke great English. I was shown to my hotel and given a rundown of what would happen in the fortcoming days. I decided to pamper myself at the hotel as I think that was justified and then, over the next days, I met with the doctors and surgeons who would be helping me with this procedure.


I could not believe that they were all so friendly, knowledgeable and also trained in the USA. That was very comforting as, I am sure you can remember, I did have initial doubts as to the skill and competency of the surgeons who would be performing the facelift in Thailand compared to the doctors I was used to working with back home. The hospital I dealt with was beautifully clean and hugely modern and I really was made to feel like a queen throughout the whole process. Before I knew it the process was over and it was on to my recovery and recuperation plan. This was outlined to me at the start and basically meant I had a real excuse to spend the day lounging on a sun drenched beach drinking cocktails and reading the latest John Grisham novel.

All in all, as I look in to the mirror now, and I see myself after the facelift that I had in Thailand I cannot really imagine my life being any different, that is, I wonder to myself why I had never discovered this sooner. I look and feel great and I have gained my zest for life back again. My kids were initially worried about the procedure as I was in case of complications but now they can see just how great it is and my 15 year old daughter is now thinking of having cosmetic surgery in Bangkok too but that is something I will definitely be nipping in the bud as she is too young. Kids these days! Overall then, I am very pleased with the facelift I had in Thailand and now all my girlfriends are wanting to know how they too can have younger looking faces for a fraction of the price. I laugh and just tell them to get on a plane to Bangkok and have a facelift there; the outlook is certainly brighter than it would be if I had the same procedure back at home. Thanks for reading this.

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