The Intricacies Of Online Video Marketing

Submitted by: Wesley Epperson

The popularity of video marketing online is on the rise. These visual means in attracting market has been around for a while, but the realization that people prefer seeing videos instead of reading texts just came to mind in the recent times.

The truth is that there is more to video marketing than simply uploading a video on various streaming sites. Optimization of the videos being uploaded is also just as important as beautifying the clip itself. Otherwise, the video is simply end up lying low amidst all in the list with the same niche.

Optimizing videos is one of the most recent ways of driving traffic to the targeted site. Once you search a set of keywords in a search engine, you will see a list of results. So, which will you see first? Of course, it’s the title.

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Optimizing the video through the title is important since it is the pathway that could lead people to the video. Aside from that, it is important to create a title that is interesting and catchy. In that way, people searching for your niche will be enticed in clicking on the videos you posted.

As with any type of marketing, there should always be substance in the medium being used. In other words, the content should be useful and informational. Before setting up the content of a video, analyse the viewers or potential customers. Do you think they will be interested in the video without any valuable information? Teaching them something new like the how-to videos is a great approach at marketing your videos. Furthermore, this method will show your skills and abilities showcasing that you are the man for the job. This is a good start at gaining the respect of the viewers.

The length of the video should not be too long, nor too short. Regardless of the accuracy of the content, for as long as the viewer s reach the tail end of their attention span, you will lose their interest. An average of 3.8 minutes of duration is acceptable.

In creating a video, take advantage of its features like adding a URL, or text box. This is a great way of increasing exposure to your website. Also, you can add the key information like the URL, contact number, or social media accounts at the end of the video.

Some video streaming sites allow users to place the brand logo within the video. This is a great way of adding visibility of your company. Furthermore, do not forget the description of the video, and the link of the main page you are marketing. Remember that when you are posting a video, include the link that you want your viewers to visit. Aside from that, include a detailed summary regarding the video and what it talks about. It could be a great help in increasing the exposure of the video as well.

The success of video marketing lies on your hands. Indeed, it will not be easy. So, do the necessary preparations in ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

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Why Do You Need To Shift Your Focus Towards Interactive Content Marketing?}

Submitted by: Magic Software

We all have been constantly creating the same old tiring and uninteresting contents, emails, landing pages and other content forms and have been walking with the crowd. But, today if you want to stand out of the crowd, you need to be different and better. Today, if you want your inbound marketing strategy to be more effective and focused, then you need to shift your focus. Many inbound marketers are turning their heads towards creating more visually attractive and interactive content development.

Believe me, to stand out from the crowd; you need to be more interactive, interesting and data-driven with your content. You need to give a new and unique user experience to your target audience. And, interactive content marketing is the only way for this. Although, this is not a new ground-breaking format and is just a category of content marketing, but interactive content marketing is currently taking shape and brands and savvy inbound marketers are beginning to experiment with it.

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The interactive content development aims at offering a user experience which has an interactive element in it and allows a reader to participate in the content and come up with some outcome or result. An ideal interactive content is the one which allows a user to interact, gain an insight and enjoy the whole process without feeling targeted. In other words, the basic focus is to provide value to an audience rather than emphasizing much on direct lead generation. Interactive content is more effective in educating and disseminating knowledge to your target audience. Now, brands which are comfortable with this fact are building content for the user and are not getting blinded by direct lead generation. They are already using tactics and custom technology solutions to succeed with interactive content marketing. Today, if you want your inbound marketing strategy to be more effective and focused, then you need to shift your focus. Many inbound marketers are turning their heads towards creating more visually attractive and interactive content development.

Also, several studies and researches indicate towards the advantages of developing interactive content. High-quality backlinks, more informed prospects, and higher conversion rates are some of its advantages which can benefit you in a long run. On the other hand, another important reason to shift towards developing interactive content is that today almost everyone prefers to consume interactive and visual content which is valuable and provides certain useful information.

Lastly, we are all creating content to target a specific audience and interactive content marketing is a way giant business and brands are taking their content to next level. And, in the coming years, plenty more of it is expected to come. So, it is better to join the league in starting stage than later on regretting it. It is best to shift your focus today itself and create interactive content. Believe me, to stand out from the crowd; you need to be more interactive, interesting and data-driven with your content. You need to give a new and unique user experience to your target audience. And, interactive content marketing is the only way for this.

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The History And Development Of Affiliate Marketing}

The History and Development of Affiliate Marketing


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Paul Kinder

Internet marketing could also be called online marketing, e-Marketing, web marketing, or i-Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is an Internet marketing structure that is usually neglected by the advertisers. To understand more about this marketing strategy, a quick look on its origin would be a good preference.

Four years after the beginning of the World Wide Web, which is in 1994, e-commerce or online commerce evolved with the concept of revenue sharing. This concept meant giving off commissions as businesses are referred through web links. It was noted that a cost per click program went with the affiliate marketing trend during its first years. To add, affiliate marketing grew very fast from the time it started its operations. E-commerce site became an important part of business plans. In November of 1994, a BuyWeb program was launched. It was from a web site that sells music albums. This was also the web site that initiated the idea of an affiliate program with the concept of click-through purchasing. The program went with scheme intended for websites that were inclined with music. Those websites were encouraged to review or make a list of albums on this site that sells the albums. The reviews or listings were for the potential customers. The musically inclined websites could also have a link to take the web guests directly to this site that sells music albums, and make their purchases.Furthermore, an online site selling books started its affiliate program a few years later. This was in 1996. The associates or affiliates of this site could have banners or text links on their sites designed for distinctive book purchases; or to be directed to the book selling web home page. Then, when the web guests from an affiliate web site clicked on the link to the book selling web site and bought an item, the affiliate site would have a commission. This book selling site was not the primary business that dealt with an affiliate program but it was the first one to be popular with the program and even became the exemplary of the successive programs.Looking closely at it, affiliate marketing is a program that must always be considered by business owners. It has a strong potential on pushing the business to meet its sales target and even go over it. The compensation methods involved with it would attract a lot of webmasters or site owners to have a business link or banner in their site, leading to an affiliate site to get the commission or referral bonus they could get.Affiliate marketing is best for online merchants since it utilizes a pay per performance scheme. This implies that the business owner will not have any marketing expenditures unless the results are evident; except for preliminary setup cost if there is any.On the other hand, there were also issues on affiliate marketing because of the minimal control with the process. There are affiliates that engaged with spams, forced clicks, false advertising, and other ways to drive traffic to the business site or sponsor. This is the reason to be aware of the whole mechanism before signing up with an affiliate marketing program.

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The History and Development of Affiliate Marketing}

Reliant’s E Sense Cash Back Nights &Amp; Weekends: Another Flawed Plan

By Matt Oberle

Awhile back, I wrote a very critical piece focusing on Reliant’s Cap and Save Plan. My issues with the plan were that while it was advertised as a flexible plan that would rise and fall with the market rates, the reality is that due to their math it ensured that the plan would never be sold at a fair market rate, even if the cost of natural gas were free. I felt like this was a pretty shady thing to do, so I wrote about it and tried to educated Texans about the hazards and lack of upside with choosing this plan.

So why am I bringing this up now? Well, that’s because Reliant is back at it again with another plan that, well, I find questionable. This time the plan in question that has me scratching my head is the Reliant e-Sense Cash Back Nights and Weekends. Naturally, Reliant is pushing this plan with a huge barrage of television and radio commercials, talking about the great savings opportunity that will be presented to customers. And the vehicle for these potential savings is recycled from some cell phone plans from the early part of the decade: Savings for Nights and Weekends.

Unlike the cell plans, it’s not free electricity for nights and weekends, just discounted. So lets take a look at the discount, exactly. Looking at the Electricity Facts Label, it looks like the plan starts with a basic electricity rate of 12.9 cents per kWh. Then, for every kWh per hour used between the hours of 8 p.m. and 8 a.m., customers are refunded one cent of their final electricity bill. Ok, so there’s going to be some cash back here. In fact, lets just make this easy by once again pasting their formula:

Price per kWh =((Monthly Billed kWh Usage x Energy Charge per kWh) + (Cash Back Discount Usage x

YouTube Preview Image

Cash Back Discount per kWh) / Monthly Billed kWh Usage

So lets run through the math here, just like we did last time with the Cap and Save plan. Lets say that a customer uses 1,000 kW of electricity in a month, at 12.9 cents. You do the math on the first half of that equation, and it comes to $129 dollars for the energy charge. On the second half of that equation, lets say that 1 half of their electricity usage from the month happened during the night and weekend cash back window, so 500 kWh. That math comes out $5. When you add it all together, you’re talking about an entire bill of $124 for the energy charge. Reliant estimates that the average kWh using this play would be 12.3 cents, indicating that a household on this plan should be using 60% of their electricity during the discount window. That’s pretty ambitious.

So how does that stack up to other plans? Well, lets take a look around the marketplace at 12 month fixed plans. If you substitute Tara Energy’s plan, the total bill would be $95, beating Reliant’s plan by $29. Amigo Energy checks in at a total bill of $96. Gexa Energy would be $99. StarTex Power would be $99. Direct Energy would be $99. Spark Energy would be $99. Dynowatt would be $10. Bounce Energy would be $102. Champion Energy would be $103. Are we starting to see a pattern here? Every single one of these 12 month plans are substantially cheaper than Reliant’s e-Sense Cash Back Nights and Weekends Plan, even AFTER the discount is applied. And here’s two more pieces of information that will blow your mind. At least, they blow mine. 1.) Even if 100% of a customer’s electricity was used during the discount windows, the energy charge would still be $119. That’s still more than $15 more expensive than the highest bill I listed above. 2.) Reliant Energy ALSO offers a regular 12 month electricity plan, with a, wait for it, rate of 9.8 kWh. That means they already have a plan where a customer would have a bill with an energy charge of $98. So they can afford to offer the electricity cheaper. They just also have this much much higher plan, which they spend millions marketing in media advertisements to customers, in hopes of getting a premium. I will say this, the plan SOUNDS like a good idea. But it’s just a gimmick.

To break this down further, there are 71 electricity plans in the Centerpoint footprint that require a 12 month contract. 67 of those plans would be less expensive than an average of 12.3 cents per kWh for the Nights & Weekends plan Reliant claims will be your average kWh. None would be cheaper than 12.9 cents per kWh that is the base energy charge with no discounts. Also, all of the other plans this expensive are 100% green energy electricity plans, which are typically more expensive. Even if the ‘discounted’ electricity rate was in force 24 hours a day, instead of just a 12 hour nighttime savings window and weekends, at 11.9 cents per kWh, the Nights & Weekends plans would still be more expensive than all but 4 electricity plans available in Houston and the surrounding areas.

So I ask: Where exactly is the discount here? Even in the best case scenario, this plan isn’t even anywhere close to a competitive market price. In fact, it’s the opposite, it’s at the highest end of the pricing spectrum. The lowest rates on the market at the time this article was written were 8.8 cents per kWh 12 month fixed rate plans. At 2.1 cents difference between the two, that’s just under 25% of a premium to pay for the ‘discounted’ plan. And lets not forget that the earn that ‘discount’ is that people have to work to ensure they’re using a bulk of their electricity late at night or weekends. So you’re reward for having to deal with the hassle of scheduling things like laundry, washing dishes, and surfing on the internet at odd hours is that you receive a ‘discount’ that is really almost 25% higher than the lowest rates on the market. That seems, well, the opposite of smart. And the opposite of fair. Especially since Reliant offers a 12 month plan at a competitive market rate.

Reliant will almost certainly say that they’re offering this plan for the same reason that they offered the Cap And Save plan: They’re responding to feedback from certain groups and people who say they are interested in a plan like the e-Sense Cash Back Nights and Weekends Plan. Ok, maybe some groups are interested in a plan that gives them discounted electricity during certain hours of the day. But I do not believe that any group wants an electricity plan that under no circumstances or during any period will be exceptionally more expensive than any of the other comparable plans on the marketplace. In my opinion, at the very best plan represents an interesting concept that is absolutely lacking on proper execution. Because if cheaper options exist, even from Reliant themselves, then why offer this plan at all?

So what do you guys think about this new plan from Reliant Energy? Does it seem fair to you?

About the Author: Matt Oberle is the owner and operator of

, a consumer advocacy and shopping website designed to help customers find the right electricity providers for their needs. It’s also the only deregulated electricity site in Texas that allows customers to share and read reviews of their experiences with the different electricity companies operating in Texas.


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Benefits And Pitfalls Of Generating Free Mlm Leads

By Brian Garvin

You can make money in Multi Level Marketing (MLM) by selling the products, however to generate the maximum income from this form of business you really need to develop your down line of independent distributors that are also selling the products and building their businesses. Potential new distributors are known in the industry as MLM Leads, and there are numerous ways of generating or acquiring your own lists of free MLM Leads.

One place to start to generate free MLM Leads is to approach your friends and family and gauge their interest or ask if they know of anyone that may be interested in the products or the business opportunity. Many people shy away from this approach especially when they are new in MLM as they dont want their friends or family to feel pressured into agreeing or feel awkward in refusing the offer.

When you are assessing ways to generate free MLM Leads, you want these leads to be of as high a quality as possible. High quality leads are people that are actually genuinely interested in the opportunity you dont want to spend time and money in phone calls, etc. following up people who are not at all interested in pursuing a MLM business.

You will also have more success with new distributors that are keen and interested in the business; they are much more likely to sell product, build their own down line and remain with the MLM business for the long term.

YouTube Preview Image

One of the best ways of generating these quality free MLM Leads is by a process known as opt in marketing, where interested people actually provide you with their details asking for more information. This is quite often achieved on the internet by you developing a website which has a contact box in which people place their contact details asking you to contact them with further information.

Another way to achieve these high quality free MLM Leads and to advertise your MLM opportunity to more people is to post articles onto the internet by submitting them to article directories with your email address or profile informing people that they can contact you for more information.

When considering opt in marketing dont forget your local newspaper or any other classified advertising media. Many people have success by advertising business opportunity or new distributors required style adds in classifieds. (There are also websites on which you can post classified ads some of which are displayed internationally.)

If you type free MLM Leads into a search engine such as google, you will find numerous websites offering free MLM Leads. There are some points you should consider before deciding on a company or companies to get these free lists from. Firstly, how fresh are the leads? Are the contact details still current?

Another important consideration is are the leads actually people who are looking for MLM opportunities, or just names and contact details that the list provider has compiled? Is the list checked against the Do Not Call register? Finally, is the list really free, for example do you only get some of the contact information and have to pay for the rest of the details?

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The Perfect Internet Product Cookbook?

By Hazel Leong

When deciding what kind of internet business you want to do, there are a few factors you need to look at before plunging into building your website.

Most affiliate marketers encounter this problem eventually. When it happens, remember it’s not intentional, so do not feel as if you have been victimized in some way.

The first affiliate Internet marketing tip is determine if starting your own program is right for you. A successful program requires both time and money. You must be willing to work with those that will be your affiliates to help them promote your products.

The Perfect Internet Product – A Cookbook?

So you’ve decided to go into business for yourself on the internet. You’ve heard it’s the perfect way to supplement your income with little or no investment. But what will you market to achieve fame and fortune?

Actually it all depends upon your goals and interests. You do need to offer something for which there is a proven demand. You need something that can be delivered cost effectively over the internet. You need something that you can easily locate the market for.

Why not write you own cookbook?

Why a cookbook?

* Everybody eats.

YouTube Preview Image

* People are constantly looking for new ways to prepare their favorite foods.

* Many people are avid cookbook and recipe collectors.

* You can create an ebook that has practically no delivery cost. Profit Lance has taken the internet marketing world by storm! See profit lance reviews here.

* You can print hardcopies later from the profits of your ebook or you can use print-on-demand to have copies printed as needed.

* Most people have or can compile a collection of their favorite recipes.

Writing a cookbook involves pulling together some recipes, some photos or illustrations, and organizing your collection. You need some specialized theme to write your cookbook around. You can create a cookbook around a single food, a style of cooking, or around a purpose such as a charity.

Once you’ve written your cookbook, then your challenge may be in marketing it. As a seasoned cookbook author here are the elements I consider essential:

* A website to use in attracting visitors interested in your topic. Ideally, this website will contain content that gets you great search engine listings and traffic. A website can cost under $10 per month.

* A mailing list to discuss your cookbook or the type of food covered by your cookbook (to create interest in your cookbook). You can run your mailing list at no cost spending only an hour or so a week.

You may feel the frustration of being undervalued and lacking the kinds of challenges you are perfectly capable of living up to. If you are one of these people, then Internet marketing might be for you. There are factors that suggest Internet marketing might be a way of life you could enjoy and flourish in. These factors can be seen in your answers to some simple questions.

Remember that information on articles with good content as traffic-bringer of websites? This time it’s about making these articles serve your website better by using keyword suggestion tools that are offered for free. Profit Lance has taken the internet marketing world by storm! My reviews at

This gives you incredible diversity in the products you choose, markets in which you do business and neighborhoods in which to sell, all from the comfort of your own home in front of your computer screen. You could possibly make several sales at once, but you will never have to deal with face-to-face rejection.

* A system on your website for taking orders. This can be as simple as a free Paypal account or more elaborate such as a shopping cart that can handle a variety of products. You can even have an affiliate program where you pay other webmasters for sending you referrals.

Putting together a cookbook is really little more than planning, getting organized, and then just doing it!

But can you really make big money selling your own cookbook? The answer to that very important question is that you can if you can generate enough interest or attract enough attention. That is where the majority of your work will come in. You will need to learn effective internet marketing techniques and implement them.

Since writing and publishing a cookbook does involve so little work, it can prove profitable even if you don’t sell a million copies a year. Your overhead will be so low that if you only earn a few thousand dollars a month, you will be doing great. The cookbook will sell for a long time, while requiring no additional work.

One of the secrets of many successful online entrepreneurs that I know is that they don’t try to make a fortune from just one product. Instead, they have several… perhaps a dozen products each generating a nice income. Combined, these products, generating multiple streams of income, allow these entrepreneurs to reach their online income goals.

Of all of the products that you could create and market online, a cookbook is one of the few requiring no specialized knowledge or training. So for many internet beginners, it makes sense to make their first product a cookbook. Start generating some quick income. Then focus on other related or unrelated products.

However, 10% of a $600 television is more money than 60% of a $40 software program, so you have to remember to consider the big picture when deciding what affiliate programs to join.

You can choose your area of expertise and become the expert you always wanted to be. All of these opportunities are open to you. You know you should go into Internet marketing when you can answer that you definitely do want to make more money doing something you enjoy with time left over for the people you love.

The successful marketer is engaging and is concerned about the welfare of his or her customers. Being concerned with customers reaps much benefit. For one, the customer, when he or she knows that the marketers they deal with care for them, will repeatedly do business with the company.

About the Author:

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has taken the internet marketing world by storm! See

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