Why Is Galaxy K Zoom Is Dream Of A Selfie Addict?}

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It seems like Samsung has yet again managed to fascinate technology users. Recently, with the launch of Samsung Galaxy K zoom things are now more in focus with Smartphone photography. This incredible Smartphone is designed to serve a full-blown purpose of serving as a selfie machine. Those who are so obsessed of clicking their pictures and uploading them on the social network and sharing it across their friends will love it.

Let us find out more about it.

About Galaxy K zoom

This new Smartphone by Samsung is the stuff that you would love to use for clicking selfie. The reason being that it is mounted with an excellent camera. The 10x zoom lens with a sensor measuring 20.7 MP is fitted into the phone chassis. The camera lens comes equipped with every possible thing to facilitate in capturing amazing images. It contains a .3- inch sensor (CMOS) this is indicative of high-performance that is often found in point and shoot cameras. It also contains 24-240mm lens that gives you f/3.1 brightness to help capture good shots. The K zoom offers you with as much as 1080p shoots with 60fps or frames per second. The best part is that the camera comes equipped with slow-motion video mode, and it functions well even in low light.

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Galaxy K zoom runs on Android 4.4 along with all the features offered by Google. The thickness of the phone is 20.2mm that will be two times thicker as against Galaxy S5. The display measures 4.8-inch giving you sharp images including 720p Super AMOLED display along with a good hexa-core processor.

If you are wondering about how different it is from Galaxy S5 then you will find that most of the features are similar in both the phones. This includes S Health, Ultra Power Saving Mode, and the freedom to customize menus that is quite obvious with Android OS.

Camera Functionality

The camera gives you customizable features that include manual controls for scene modes. Such features enable in setting user-friendly scenario for camera functionality and can be used by another user for capturing shots.

Samsung offers you the feature of Pro Suggest that is newly introduced within its latest range. You get 5 scene modes that you can use. These can be used easily by the shutter button, just half-press it and you get to choose any one of them. You will be able to fix low light and other such situations instantaneously. This comes handy when you want to click landscape or pictorial background with beautiful nature.

Selfie Alarm is the best feature that is added in Galaxy K zoom. This feature enables in capturing perfectly aligned pictures.

It works by turning on the feature of Selfie Alarm and chose the spot where your face will appear. Turn the phone around with the camera facing you. As soon as you are within the chosen frame, the camera recognizes your face and clicks 3 shots of you. This way you get a perfect shot without any delay or distortions.


The Samsung Galaxy K zoom is a dream Smartphone for those who love clicking their pictures and want them to be perfect. This phone makes sense to those who love photography but do not want to lug in the extra gears required along with camera. The best part is that as soon as you click your pictures you can share it too. Now you have a phone, share option and a great camera. This does makes perfect sense.

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