Secure House From Dangerous Termites

Secure House from Dangerous Termites



Termites are the small pest that stays in the moisture as it is the best place for them to lay eggs and to create their colony which is up to 50-60 thousands of termites. And these numbers of pest can cause the serious damage to your house; they feed on wood and other materials also. So treatment is necessary after identification of the termite. Treatments will be possible when you have spare time to treat your house and it will be affordable even. Taking help of professional will lead you to pay on the other hand you will be tension free.

Damage signs of Termites

Before building a house one must take measures to eradicate termites. Otherwise it lead as the later procedure of the house when the highly damages gets on to the head.

Signs are:

1.The existence of mud-like material which lines the galleries in an irregular pattern.

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2.Termites can dig up the wood then only a very thin layer of wood is left on the surface of the cavity and the outside. Slowly the layer get broke down. Then they will cover the holes with mud like material, used to make the tubes.

3.Termites frequently rebuild damaged tubes, an indication of continued activity. Old tubes are dry and will crumble easily.

4.The emergence of a swarm known as “flying ants , particularly near light sources this shows a nest may be near.

Areas of Termite Activity

1.Wood construction of basement.

2.Keep eye on sub floors, support posts, sills, supporting piers, basement window frames, and, joists, wood under porches.

3.Check the cracks in cement or brick construction and hollow blocks, expansion joints. etc.

Precautions taken to control termites

There are number of measures are available in the market one can easily get them at home for termite control and if the daily schedule is very tight then one can take the help of the termite treatments by the professionals. There are many treatments like liquid treatments, fumigation, termite baits and borate termite treatment and cockroach control. So to avoid the problems arises by the termites can be sort out easily, just by taking the solutions from the market. This is also affordable and easy to apply even. For more information click on

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