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The world is changing and a traditional business bank loan is not the only kid on the block. What about a cash advance? The money is the same green and in many ways better than a traditional bank loan. Let s face it folks this economy is tough and money is tight. It doesn t mean that your business stops needing money for you to expand or even maintain. However, it does mean that you might have to cast your net in different waters. Of course there is some qualifying, but not nearly as much as with a traditional bank loan.

Even if you have been turned down previously for a traditional business loan, you may still qualify for a cash advance working capital. Why does one business fail and another business excel? Many time two businesses with an identical product or service may have different levels of success, and one may even fail or go out of business. One reason this may happen, is the amounts of working capital available for the business to get past the break-even point and continue to grow. This break-even point is different for different businesses. Usually the break-even point is about three years before most business can realize some real profits from their efforts.

Many businesses will open their doors without enough foresight and working capital to sustain their business past the break-even point. Having enough working capital is very critical to the success or failure of a business. Many times businesses may not qualify for a traditional bank loan, especially if the business is less than three years old. So, how does a new business get the working capital needed to operate and grow?

There is good news for businesses that meet certain qualifications. Businesses are able to take advantage of the new capital for merchants program that allows them to receive a cash advance up to $250,000 per locations. Businesses can use this money to open a new location, remodel or expand an existing location, or for whatever the business needs are. To qualify for the cash advance program is very easy.


Most businesses are approved if they meet the following qualifications:

A. A business must have been in business for at least 2 years.

B. Have been accepting Visa and MasterCard for at least 1 year.

C. Have a monthly sales volume of $2,000 in Visa and MasterCard transactions.

Cash Advance vs Traditional Bank Loan

Why would a business want to receive a cash advance rather than a traditional bank loan? As mentioned earlier, many business that have been in business less than three years, may not qualify for a traditional bank loan. Even if a business qualifies for a bank loan, the wait or approval period can be long, three to four weeks or longer. In addition, a lot of paperwork is required, usually two years of income tax returns and/or financial statements. To qualify for a bank loan, the business would probably have to put up collateral and pay a closing cost. Interest rates, application fees, and/or start up fees would be required. In many cases, there would be hidden fees. To qualify for a bank loan, the business would usually need to have “A or B” credit.

Benefits of the Cash Advance Program

What are the benefits of the cash advance program? It is “Not a Loan!” There is no interest rate to pay. The business does not need to have “A or B” credit. The approval does not depend upon credit. The approval amount relates to the amount of “future sales volume for the Visa and MasterCard transactions” that are expected. In addition, it is not necessary for the businesses to provide income tax statements or financial statements. There is no lengthy paperwork required to get the application process started.

Compared to a regular business loan the application process is simple and straight forward. Businesses are usually able to apply for the working capital cash advance by completing a short 1-page questionnaire. There is a 95% approval rate, and there is no closing cost or collateral required. The approval time is very fast, usually within 24 to 72 hours. There are no hidden fees. Clients love the fact that after approved, the money can be transferred directly to their business bank account. There is no check to cash, unless the business would rather receive the money in the form of a check. As you can see, there is no reason for a business to do without the working capital needed to make their business a success, especially if the business is older than two years, and the business has been accepting Visa and MasterCard for more that 1 year, and has at least $2,000 sales volume in Visa and Master Card transactions.

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