Taking care of a dog is a huge responsibility since there are many different things you will need to do. One of these things is giving your dog a bath on a regular basis. Here are a few tips so you will have less trouble.First of all you should know it is best for you to start giving your pets a bath while they are still young. This will get it acclimated to the whole bathing process. That way, you will have less trouble when it gets older.There is no set rule when it comes to how often you should give your dog a bath. It will mainly depend on their activity level. If they spend a great deal of time outside getting dirty and getting into stuff that makes them smell bad they would obviously need more frequent baths. Conversely, dogs that spend most of their time indoors can go a bit longer without hitting the showers. In general you should give you dog a bath every two or three months or so. Before you start giving your dog a bath, you need to get all of the supplies together. This includes shampoo, a brush, towel, and anything else you may need. You do not want to be looking around for a towel while a wet dog runs around the bathroom. It is also best for you to brush your dog’s hair before you put him in the bathtub. This will help get rid of any mats and tangles. They are very difficult to remove when wet.Do not use your shampoo when cleaning your dog. Shampoos designed for humans and dogs have different pH levels. Human shampoo will dry the dog’s coat out and possibly cause it to become irritated. Avoid this problem by using a shampoo made specifically for dogs.After using shampoo on your dog it is very important for you to rinse him off thoroughly. If you do not there may be residue left on his skin. This will cause him to lick and scratch at the area. This could lead to irritation and possibly an infection.After your dog comes out of the tub you will need to thoroughly dry him off. You can use a towel for this or opt to use a blow dryer. If you go with the latter option then avoid using too much heat. Depending on the breed the dog may get overheated very quickly which can be life-threatening.