Four Ways To Make Your 50th Wedding Anniversary Unforgettable

By Danica Reynes

Give your guests personalized keepsakes, play a memorable picture show, follow a gold motif and recreate the past when hosting a party to highlight your 50th wedding anniversary.

Wedding anniversaries are worth commemorating, and reaching 50 years of marriage is all the more reason to celebrate. This is a once in a lifetime event that should be celebrated by all of your friends. One way to celebrate a 50th anniversary is to share the occasion with close family and friends by hosting a party. Here are a few hints to help you make your 50th anniversary a memorable one for you and your family:

Host a party with a retro theme

Indulging in memories and recapturing the past in order to recreate it as a theme for a 50th wedding anniversary party is a great theme for a host. Research what was popular five decades ago and use those cultural aspects in your party. Consider wearing era clothing and inviting everyone else to do the same. Remember the wedding anniversary in a special way by having a band play memorable songs from that year. You might try using old posters and decorations that will make the participants remember past events. Ask caterers to make a special menu of food items that were popular then, too.

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Choose a gold theme for the celebration

Gold is a classic 50th anniversary symbol, and a good starting point for party ideas. Make gold the motif for the celebration. Try using gold ink and gold foil on the invitations to make them look more formal. Moreover, you might want to have your guests follow a dress code in which gold is the central theme. Incorporate gold into the party theme by adding gold colored linens, table centerpieces, and even floral arrangements accented with touches of golden hues. Dishes that symbolize gold or wealth can also be placed on the menu, such as a roast duck and truffles, or a cake that has gold toned icing and edible gold shavings.

Present a slide show

Gather an assortment of photos and other souvenirs related to the half century of your marriage. You can have them scanned and made into a movie that you can play during the party. You and your visitors will get pleasure from recalling important memories and events from the past through watching video. To bestow the pictures on display a more individualized and sweet touch, a love song that is a favorite of both of may be played as a background music.

Send guests home with a keepsake that is personalized

Not only should you and your guests take the time to set up a proper get-together on your golden anniversary date, you should also have on hand something that will help you remember this occasion for the rest of your lives. You can even give something back to your guests in the form of personalized keepsakes like anniversary messages or speeches that you’ve recorded and put onto a CD from LifeOnRecord. LifeOnRecord allows the couple’s family and friends to call a toll-free number where they can place heartfelt messages and wishes to the couple which will then be recorded on CD.

There are many different things you can do to celebrate a golden wedding anniversary, but first and foremost is to share it with the people who helped make your marriage especially happy and beautiful.

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