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As women age the skin of the entire body begins to lose firmness and elasticity. Nowhere is this more prevalent than around the eyes, around the mouth and nose, and across the forehead. The result is fine lines and wrinkles that betray one\’s age and often make a woman look older than she is. Typically the only truly effective solution has been surgical procedures like a facelift. However, over time the body and skin\’s ability to tolerate multiple procedures is decreased. There is only so such stretching and contouring that it can take before it looks unnatural and is ineffective. For this reason many are turning to non-surgical options for improved appearance. They are getting stellar results and looking younger than ever all without the need to go under the knife.

Not only the most popular non-surgical form of a facelift but actually the number one cosmetic procedure is called Botox. This is an injection of a diluted toxin that temporarily paralyzes some of the muscles of the forehead or around the eyes. By immobilizing these tiny muscles the skin smoothes out and fine lines are eliminated. The results are immediate and they last for anywhere from three to six months. Even better is that there is no evidence that it is contraindicated to have this procedure repeatedly. That means a patient may have these injections whenever they feel a need to refresh their look and appear younger.


One of the more popular and newest treatments being used as an alternative to a traditional facelift is called a fractional laser. By zapping the skin with a laser a number of small wounds are created. This minor irritation forces the cells to be reproduced and replaced. These new young cells are richer in collagen and fill in fine lines and wrinkles while also causing a general tightening and firming. While there is some redness and irritation for several hours to a day after the procedure it is generally gone quickly. Aside from that there are almost no side effects, which allows a woman to have this done over and over again whenever they want to have a refreshed appearance. They do not need to have it done very often though because the results last up to a year.

Another choice for women looking for a non-surgical alternative to having a facelift is dermabrasion. This treatment uses an abrasive material that is applied to the face to slough off damaged and dead cells. Afterwards, the body begins to replace these cells with young fresh looking ones. During recovery the face is often dry and red and this may last for several days. Doctors recommend the use of a good moisturizer and avoidance of sunlight to minimize discomfort.

All of these options offer a choice for rejuvenation without a surgical facelift. They are all good choices as a stop gap to slow aging but may not offer as excellent results as surgery. If a more youthful appearance is desired the first call should be to the local cosmetic clinic to schedule a consultation and discuss all of the options.

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