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Thesis is the first piece of significant academic work. By completing a thesis, you not only make contribution to the field of study but it also acts as a learning process for you. But there are many challenges that students encounter in thesis writing help. This article addresses one of prime challenges that students face in thesis writing and tells you how to deal with it.

Elements of good thesis writing topics

Thinking about the end result, your examiners will seek for the following elements in a good thesis:


It is tough to come up with a completely new idea. But you need to remember that almost every new theory depends on a combination of the existing ideas put together in a new way. There are three approaches that you can opt for to achieve originality in thesis writing:

1.Specific Outcome:

Aim at achieving a specific outcome that no has achieved before. In research project like this, there is always a clear goal, but also a risk that someone handling the same topic will beat you by achieving it first.

2.Specific Subject:

Pick a specific subject that has not been studied yet. Identify a question that has not been addressed before, so that you stand out as an individual in your group.

3.New Methodology:

You may choose a subject that has been studied widely. But you can use a new methodology. Remember the methodology does not need to be new, but new to the problem you are addressing.


You may have found interesting thesis topics to work with. Your next task is to make sure you put the subject in context to the existing research. You may want to create a new angle on the basis of existing research. This is because,

To make sure no one has done it before you


To learn from the methodologies that have been used by other writers

To justify why topic matters.

You need some reading to do before you take the further steps.


What are the main skills that you need to attain success in the subject? You need to assess your skills to make sure that you have the right skills to achieve success with the subject. In case you dont have those skills, plan how will you approach the subject.

Now you know how to approach a topic before finalizing it. In the next part, you will come across few topics for thesis writing that will give you the understanding for creating thesis writing topics. Remember that these are only topic ideas you can use to create your own; you cannot use them as your own.


Cyber security




Criminal and law:

Animal Rights

Gun Control

Police Brutality

Serial Killers


Attention Deficit Disorder

College Admission Policies

Home Schooling

Learning Disabilities


Acid Rain

Global Warming

Greenhouse Effect

Marine Pollution




Alternative medicine


Media and Communication:


Childrens programming and advertising

Copyright law


After selecting a thesis writing topic, you may need assistance to write a quality thesis. Many writing services companies will help you compose a thesis.

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