Low Cost Internet Business Start Up Ideas For Those Serious About Making Money Online

By John Benjamin.O

Many people searching the internet for a home business are looking for free or low cost internet business start up ideas. Begining an internet business is certainly possible for those on a tight budget with very little income at their disposal.

Free home business ideas abound on the internet and it is just a matter of carrying out some good investigation to find the low cost or free methods of getting started, obtaining your products to market and then applying the free internet marketing strategies that work.

If one is ready to put in the work an internet business can be started and become lucrative without spending much cash at all. It is also not essential to spend cash to search for information on the internet. It only requires time searching for websites, forums and articles that contain the information you need.

1. What you need to get started

First a hosting company to host your new e-commerce website is very essential and not something you want to skimp on. So a free hosting is not in anyway ideal.

Setting up an auto-responder is something that is really necessary to help you grab the email addresses of the prospective visitors to your website who subscribe to your business newsletter. Auto-responders can be set-up free or on a monthly charge.

There are free templates available online to assist you to start creating a website and also free e-books on search engine optimization which will teach you how to properly optimize your website with your selected keywords.

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If you do not know anything about html or where to begin when it comes to creating a websites, you could always launch a blog. You can start blogging for virtually free at google’s blogger.

2. Products or Services

There are many free affiliate programs that you can sign up for and start selling their products on your website. Usually if you upgrade your account you will be paid a larger commission as well as get paid for refering other people to the program. While you are building momentum to your website it in not advisable to upgrade until the income starts rolling in.

Clickbank alone has thousands of products to pick from that you can start marketing without having to pay out a single dime.

The lead generation affiliate programs, which cost nothing to sign up, offers a wide variety of opportunities that you can promote and they pay you a few amount of dollars for leads generated from the links you have placed on your website.

3. Promoting Your Website

Many of the most common and effective internet marketing strategies are completely free.

Forum is one good marketing medium, posting on a well known forum is a great way to get yourself known. You can include a link to your website or blog in your signature file which is a good method of advertising as well as building backlinks to your site fast.

Blogging is free it only takes time like most of the other internet marketing strategy. Aim to include a comment to your own blog regularly and comment on posts on other blogs too.

Submitting your website to the online directories is free and if you are ready to do it manually. There are thousand of directories online and you just need to aim to submit to 10 a day.

Article writing is a very effective way of marketing online and again if you are ready to write your own articles and submit them manually to the article directories yourself it will not cost anything.

Social Networking is also free and a great method of driving targeted traffic to your website. A good example of these is twitter and facebook.

4. Getting started

If you are thinking of starting a business and have very little money to spend one can see from the above internet business ideas that it is completely possible to start, market and create a profitable home business on the internet without having to dig deep into your pocket every month.

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