Sports Nutrition Supplements Sales Continue Even During The Poor Economy

By Jackie Johnson

Now that the economy acts to be in a recession, it seems that many different industries are taking a hit, and are forced to lay off thousands of workers. Some industries, however, are still going strong and one of these is the sports nutrition supplements industry. The billions of dollars of sales and growth are holding steady and still growing. In 2007 this category had a total of $19.6 billion in sales. While this was not as high as the previous year which had a 9.6 percent in growth, it still is a steady incline.

It should not come as too big of a surprise that bad economic times are still apparently good for people’s health. When you are stressed, the best thing to do is exercise. Not only does this get your mind off of your problems, but the natural endorphins that your body produces while you are working up a sweat, will help to improve your mood as well, studies have shown. Another reason why preventative health is becoming ever more popular is due to the rising costs of prescriptions and health care. People figure that by taking measures to prevent health problems down the road, they can save money in the long run.

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Even so, the sports nutrition supplements industry caters to a relatively small portion of the greater United Stated population. A study taken by the Nutrition Business Journal showed that roughly 85 percent of this market is bought by just 5 percent of the total population. This small portion of the country takes health and fitness very seriously and considers it essential to their lives. They will gladly cut costs in other areas of their lives before they cut into their budget for these products and supplements.

Just because this dedicated group has decided to center their lives on sports nutrition supplements, does not mean that the other 15 percent of the population who purchases these products are not important. About 56 percent of Americans take some form of nutritional supplement and about 34 percent of adults take, at the very least, a multivitamin. These consumers will continue to use these products in order to improve their preventative health regimen. A large segment of these people are baby boomers that are retiring and have some money to spend in order to keep themselves healthy.

Now that 2009 is here, there are still a lot of questions about where the economy is headed and when there will be some light at the end of the tunnel. All the indicators currently seem to show that the sports nutrition supplements industry will continue to grow with few setbacks. If you are someone who desires to improve your health and well being, you don’t have to blow all your money. You can go to and find plenty of discount priced products that are sold at higher prices in other stores. This is one sure way to afford the supplements you need at a price you can afford during a recession.

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