Extending The Life Of Your Water Heaters Springfield, Va Unit


Taking care of your appliances is essential if you want them to last as long as possible. Your hot water heater is one of the more important appliances in your home, but it’s also one of the most neglected. If you want to get the maximum number of years of efficient use from your unit, here are some tips from your water heaters Springfield, VA expert.

Cleaning and Flushing the TankIn order to ensure maximum life out of your hot water tank, it’s important to clean it and flush it from time to time. If your unit is older, you should clean it out about once every year. However, if you own a newer tank, it may be self-cleaning. Check the owner’s manual to see if this is the case so you don’t neglect cleaning it if it needs to be cleaned. With older tanks, sediment tends to buildup in the tank which can reduce its efficiency. This means that it has to work harder in order to provide the hot water that you need. With an annual cleaning, you can get rid of that sediment for a more efficient unit.

Install a Pressure Regulating ValveA pressure regulating valve, or PRV, can help maximize the life of your water heating unit if you have high water pressure. High water pressure refers to anything that’s over 90 pounds per square inch. If this high pressure continuously goes through your water heater, it can cause it to fail years before it’s time. You can install a pressure regulator to help reduce the wear on your water heater and your other appliances. If you decide to have a pressure regulator installed, have a water heaters Springfield, VA specialist to do it for you to make sure it gets done right.

Water SoftenerIn some areas of the country, the water that comes to the house is full of minerals and chemicals. This is what’s called hard water. Hard water causes deposits on dishes and in your appliances which can cause problems. Over time, hard water can cause your water heater unit to fail prematurely. But you can install a quality water softener to your water supply so the hard water doesn’t go through your water heater. In fact, it gets filtered closer to the main water supply so you can do away with the hard water problem altogether. This should also be a job for a plumbing professional who has the skills and tools needed for the installation.

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