Using Top Soil Rather Than Dirt Alone


When you begin to plant a garden, you will have to decide on what to plant, when to plant it, and the best conditions in which to do it. The soil will need to be the balance of vitamins and minerals so you get the desired results. This isn’t possible with just plain dirt and you will need to purchase top soil in Santa Cruz, CA.

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Top soil in Santa Cruz, CA is basically clean dirt. It has been sifted through to get rid of rocks, sticks, leaves, and other things that would make it less than desirable to use in a garden or a flower bed. It usually doesn’t have added nutrients but because it is cleaner dirt, adding your own mix of compost or soil additives will cause it to absorb it much better. When the soil is allowed to absorb the nutrients, rather than the sticks, weeds, and even rocks taking away from the plants, your plants will do much better. The minerals found in gardening top soil have more elements such as fertilizer or additives to help the plants needing more nitrogen to flourish.

In a garden, top soil in Santa Cruz, CA is vital to healthy plants. Be careful though to buy a soil that is certified organic so the food you grow will not be contaminated. Sometimes dirt can be tainted and that will affect the vegetables you eat. Some companies will have regular dirt but it is infused with organic composts that will help it to be more organic in nature. Truly organic top soil is difficult to find and it can be expensive. But you can find some that are mixed with organic compost. This type of soil is geared towards growing food gardens and will retain their moisture better than others. Moisture retention can be the determining factor in the success of your spring and summer garden. If your area is extremely hot and you are under a water restriction, you don’t want your garden to wilt along with everything else. In spite of the water restrictions, if you have a top soil in Santa Cruz, CA that is made to hold in the water you are able to give it, your garden won’t suffer in spite of the water restrictions.

Top Soil In Santa Cruz, CA is a stable foundation on which to grow your garden. With the right blend of Top Soil In Santa Cruz, CA your organic garden will flourish and you’ll have a bountiful harvest.

Nj Pesticide Usage}

Submitted by: Dennis Malibashka

In much of NJ, pesticides invoke some heated debates but they dont need to. Lawn pesticides are an essential part of maintain your property: they keep your grass green and your flowers flourishing. Gone are the days of harsh chemicals and damaging additives. Most lawn services in New Jersey use green, family-friendly pesticides to keep your property beautiful AND safe.

So what are the benefits to using lawn pesticides?

Fewer Insects: No lawn service in New Jersey will say that bugs are bad. Bees pollinate flowers, worms aerate our soil, and ladybugs eat the aphids in our gardens. But a number of invasive insect varieties, such as the Japanese stink bug, have no natural predators in NJ. Pesticides keep invasive and non-native species from destroying our lawns. Pesticides also keep our crops safe, which means a less-intensive work day for farmers, and less expensive food for all of us.

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Rodent Elimination: Field mice might look cute, but their nests are usually made from whatever materials they can find and sometimes, that included pieces of your house, insulation or patio furniture. Burrowing rodents like mice and groundhogs can destroy a yard in a matter of weeks. Groundhogs in particular are adept little thieves, which puts your flowers and your vegetable garden at risk. Some lawn services in New Jersey are licensed to trap rodents, but most use lawn pesticides that encourage the animals to nest elsewhere.

Mold and Fungus Eradication: Mold spores are dangerous to people: they cause a myriad of health problems, and can even result in death if left untreated. Lawn pesticides can rid your home and property of mold and fungus, ensuring your familys safety and continuing good health.

There are a numbers of very good reasons to use lawn pesticides but not all pesticides are created equal. Its important to look at a companys track record before employing a lawn service for your New Jersey home. There are still chemicals in use that can damage plants if applied in the sun, which defeats the purpose of using them in the first place. However, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has enacted certain rules when it comes to NJ pesticides usage, to help ensure that companies exercise precautions when it comes to lawn care. In other words, a fully-licensed contractor must be certified to use lawn pesticides; this ensures your safety.

Furthermore, certain toxic pesticides are no longer allowed in residential lawn service: thus, New Jersey homeowners can feel secure in the knowledge that their drinking water is clean, and their families and pets are safe from harmful chemicals.

Lawn Service in New Jersey

The most important thing when it comes to using pesticides to keep your lawn beautiful is your comfort. Those who wish to have a healthy lawn but are still uncomfortable about using pesticides can ask their contractors about organic lawn care. Organic lawn care involves using green, environmentally-designed products to help eliminate pests from your property. There are green products out there, aimed at keeping chemicals usage to a minimum. You can also forgo the use of anything outside of natural fertilizers, but this may ultimate require more time and more money, depending on where you live and how often your landscape design company comes to service your yards.

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