Visiting Forbidden City In Beijing

By Michael Smallet

Forbidden City or the palace of the imperial dynasty is conveniently located in the heart of the capital of China, close to all major Beijing hotels, and during five centuries it was solely intended for residence of the rulers of China. From here 24 Emperors of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties ruled the country. From 1911 till his abdication in 1924 the last emperor of China lived here in a tiny yard, but some buildings have been converted into a museum and opened already in 1914.

Being the largest palace complex in the world, the Forbidden City is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The start of construction dates back to around 15th century. The complex includes 800 buildings and 9999 rooms, occupying an area of 72 hectares. The Forbidden City was built in 1406-1420 respectively. Over one million construction workers and 100,000 other craftsmen such as stone carvers, wood carvers, painting artisans etc. were used by the Emperor at the site.

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The palace is a vivid manifestation of the Chinese tradition. The name Forbidden City was given due to the fact that only the Emperor and his family could live here, whereas all the others, like courtiers, officials and ordinary people lived outside this great city, and no one could enter the palace without the permission of the governor. The palace is surrounded by an 8-meter high wall and a deep ditch. The prohibition to mortals to enter was in force until 1925. The palace was completely open to the public in 1949. Now it is a museum.

From Tiananmen Square to the Forbidden City leads the Gate of Heavenly Peace. The palace was divided into the inner and outer palace. The main premise of the External palace where the emperor would perform his public duties were the halls of Supreme Harmony, Full Harmony and Preservation of Harmony.

In the Inner Palace there were living quarters, where the Emperor lived, played, worshiped the God, together with the empress, concubines, princes and princesses. The main buildings of this part of the Forbidden City are the hall of Celestial Purity, Union and Peace, the Earth’s Tranquility. There are also three imperial gardens: Longevity, Compassion and Peace, and the Imperial Garden.

The design of this complex was carefully planned by the builders and architects, and was strictly in line with the philosophical and religious principles symbolizing the power of emperors. As almost all of the current buildings date from the 18th century, but they are all made of wood and therefore smoking is strictly prohibited.

The Forbidden City is usually considered as one of the key elements of any tourist program offered to guests of Beijing. Because it is very convenient to start your tour in the center of the city, from the Tiananmen Square, a place with history and significance, then to the Forbidden City, where the remarkable glory of Chinese emperors is preserved. Other places of interest may be located in various parts of the city, so be sure to make a reservation of a tourist bus or rent a car.

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Why Should You Hire General Contractor For Remodeling Of Your House?

Why Should You Hire General Contractor For Remodeling Of Your House? by Lynneah GregoryAre you thinking about home improvement services ? It is important to understand the fact that going for such remodel work is not an easy task. If you think that re-designing your house can be done as a DIY process, in order to save money, then it can be your biggest misconception. Reasons To Remodel Your HouseThere are a number of reasons why Kansas City home remodeling is required after a period of few years on a regular basis. Some of the major reasons that can be considered are: – In order to change the design and provide a fresh look to the house,- In order to repair some major defects in the house especially, in the kitchen- To increase the space such as the patio area or even to divide a particular area to create a new room. Reasons are many, but these few are some of the most important reasons that you can consider while re-designing your house. Why Should You Hire A Contractor?Now, it is important to hire a general contractor in the place of taking up the responsibility of redesigning the house on your own. There can be a number of reasons from among which a few can be discussed. Identifying The FlawsThere are chances that you might have identified one particular big leak in your shower area. But there can be much more that is hidden from you. An expert contractor is someone who will be able to go for a check of the entire house so that he or she can identify even the smallest defects in various areas of your house as the area where you take your baths, or even in the finished basements that is there in the form of the safest zone. Providing The Right SuggestionDo you really think that you are the right person who is taking the right decision for your design build of your house? You are not aware of the small details that can change the entire look of your house or even can provide a new angle or can some new space to an area of your house. These important tips and tricks are known only by the proper builder who is into the construction of the house or to the contractor who is into redesigning of your house.Analyzing The Proper Calculation Of BudgetWhen you are not aware that what are the big and small defects in your house, and what can be the solution for such defects, of course, it is not possible for you to calculate the budget before starting the redesigning work. The experts can discuss with you all the problem areas and then you can decide about which are the issues that you wish to solve at present. Based on this discussion, you can have a budget so that you can start the work without any worry. Redesigning of the house is a huge task that needs ultimate focus and a lot of analysis. Only a proper expert can manage to bring out the areas that need to be worked upon. Hence, as it is important to remodel your house at least after a few years, similarly, it is important to hire a contractor for the work.The author of this article is working as a Kansas City home remodeling expert and he likes to write articles and blogs related to interior designing industry. In this article, he speaks about Why you need to hire a general contractor for your home remodeling project. For more details, visit Source:

Benefits Of Having End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services}

Benefits Of Having End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services


Cleaner LondonAre you planning to move out of your old rented flat? Most property owners require the tenants to sign a contract that will make them responsible to professionally cleaning the property when they move out. End of tenancy cleaning London is a normal clause in all rent agreements drawn in London. What is end of tenancy cleaning?Most of the tenancy agreements now require you to agree to professionally clean the house when you move out of it. Tenants often don’t leave the house at its prime condition when they move out of a property. This can affect the future prospect of further letting the property. A property that is given out for the renting purpose needs to be maintained as par the estate agent’s standard. One can, however, clean the property themselves. But it is not always possible to take care of all your cleaning needs by yourself. It can be time consuming and not always a job that you want to do. There can still be stale foods in the refrigerators, stains in the ovens, dust on the window sills, and cobweb in the lampshades. If that is the case the property owner can retain the amount that you have given as caution money and can even sue you for damage recovery. The professional end of tenancy cleaning London service can just be the right option for you in such scenarios. The end of tenancy cleaning London services has teams of professional cleaners who will help restoring the house to its prime condition. They can help you clean the house that matches with the estate agent’s standard.This article will help you explore the many benefits of hiring an end of tenancy cleaning London services.Time saver: The end of tenancy cleaning service can be a real time saver. When you are more concerned with moving to your new location, you can’t concentrate on cleaning the property. A professional cleaning company London will help you save time and worries on cleaning the property.Hassle free: All you will need to do with an end of tenancy cleaning London is to contact a company and leave the job of cleaning the property to them. You no longer have to empty the freezers and kitchen cupboards, disinfecting the bathroom or cleaning windows. The professional team of cleaners of a domestic cleaning London will take care of your cleaning needs. Affordable: Try listing all the cleaning supplies that you would need to clean the premises yourself, and then add the labour cost. Hiring professional end of tenancy cleaning London services is a more affordable solution. Further, if the premises aren’t properly clean the landlord can have you responsible for that and confiscate the amount paid as caution money, even worse; you can be sued over damaging the property. A professional domestic cleaning London can save you from these hassles. End of tenancy cleaning London services help save both money and effort for both the tenants and property owners. It has therefore become a popular choice for many. You can now find hundreds of tenancy cleaning services in and around your locality. However, you need to be careful in choosing the right cleaning company London for your purpose.

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Cork Underlayment For Insulation}

Cork underlayment for insulation


Larry TaggartOne of the most important aspects you need to focus on when you are building a house is insulation. If you want to keep the heat inside from slipping out, you must focus on cork underlayment for the floors first, but this is not the only aspect you have to consider. If want to cover more weak points, you should turn to cork wall panels as well.The floors of your home are the first ones you have to target when it comes to insulation. This happens because a lot of the cold air in your house comes from the bottom and this is going to affect the comfort you will enjoy. As long as you feel cold at your feet, you will not be able to enjoy the warm air from your waist up and it affects your comfort.This is one of the reasons why you will need to choose the right materials for the floors. Natural stone such as marble or granite may seem like the ideal solutions, but they are cold at the touch and this is going to influence the comfort you will enjoy. This is one of the reasons why you explore other options to cover the floors in your home instead.Wood is one of the solutions you have at hand, but you also focus on laminate flooring instead. They feel warmer at every step and this is going to help you enjoy it much better. But the materials that will come in direct contact with your feet must not be placed directly on the cement base since this is going to compromise the way you will feel.This is why you need to focus on cork underlayment for extra insulation. This is a material that will help you make the most of your floor covers no matter if you will turn to wood, laminate flooring, cork floating floors or even cork tiles. This is an extra layer that will keep the cold of the cement away from your feet to enhance your comfort.But the floors are not the only ones that allow the heat to escape a house. If you want to be sure you keep as much of it as you can inside, you must focus on the walls as well. If they are made out of bricks and you do not have any insulation on the outside, you can turn to cork wall panels to insulate them from the inside and reduce heat transfer.The less heat will escape your house, the less you will pay for the heating bills and the more comfort you will enjoy at the same time. If you want to use the right solutions so you can reduce the transfer of heat, you can turn to the site of for it. This is where you will find most of the answers you seek when it comes to the insulation of your home and the materials that will help you achieve this goal.Cork underlayment

is one of the best options you can turn to for the insulation of your floors, but there are other options you should check out. If you will use

cork wall panels

as well, you will be able to reduce the transfer of heat and your home will be more comfortable.

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Real Estate Sellers Revolt! Rejecting Ridiculous Offers

By Claude Cross

It is in the past that we find the quaint efficient way to handle the negotiations of the real estate contract.

The simple concept of ‘in good faith’ has (over time) been strengthened by the holding of earnest money. Earnest Money and Faith are held hand in hand. Hence, the seller and the buyer have typically agreed to earnestly act in good faith in order to make a real estate deal happen.

The Realtors and the real estate attorneys involved in the transaction take on the roles of coach and referee, while the mortgage lender provides the ball. Pulling a fake out will be grounds for a penalty, so remember to act earnestly (and always) proceed in good faith.

The subject at hand, has to do with today’s real estate market.

The market has had a huge shift in prices, and reasonable sellers have lowered their expectations along with their prices. It took some time, but the adjustment seems to have taken place across many real estate markets.

Unfortunately, the adjustment has not made it over to the buyers side.

Rumors and misinformation have filled the minds of reasonable buyers and turned them into vultures looking for road kill. There is a supposition that all sellers are in foreclosure and desperate to sell their homes. The news media reiterates this information daily.

And, here, below, is a look at how this type of transaction works in real life:

The sellers get the offer, it’s 30% below list price.

NOTE: The sellers have already priced their home 30% below market value (what they would have received a year ago. Their home is adjusted for what is now current fair market value.

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The sellers counter offer looks something like this:

“We will reject your offer. See, we are not desperate. We just want a reasonable offer, not a low ball offer 30% off our asking price. Okay, to be fair, we will counter the offer.

Absolutely, counter it at full price, not a penny less.”

The buyer then cops an attitude:

“There are plenty of homes on the market and I will just keep looking until I find someone who wants to actually sell their home.”

As the Realtor, let me interject:

“The sellers have made their home sparkling clean, model perfect; they have packed up most of their daily possessions; they have brought the home to new current market values…they have had the home pre-inpsected and are offering a home warranty with it as well. It should handily appraise. The sellers aren’t in foreclosure, what information are you basing your offer on other than you were told all sellers are desperate and they will accept any price? “

The buyer:

“This is a buyers market and if the seller is going to be unreasonable, I will just keep looking.”

A thought about this. The sellers may be facing a difficult selling market, but unless you are a cash buyer, the seller has to take it your offer on good faith; that you will earnestly march forth and provide the lender with all the documents that they may need to get you (the buyer) through to the closing table.

What if sellers took the stance that all buyers (except cash buyers, got to love’em) were unqualified because of new strict lending policies or looming layoffs. Yes, you may qualify now, but rumors that the ax is falling on more jobs means that you may never close.The negotiation of real estate purchases is still a two way street.

People typically buy houses to make them into a home. If you are an investor, stick with the foreclosures. If you are honestly looking for a house for you and your family to call a home, then proceed in such a manner.

Again, from the sellers:

“When you get serious about offering a negotiable price, we can move forward. We are not overly proud nor are we desperate. If you don’t want the house at a fair price, and don’t want to act in good faith, maybe this house isn’t for you. We are looking for someone to work with. Someone who will love our home, the moment they enter it. Not someone looking for roadkill. In the mean time, we are going to seek other buyers.”

This conversation, sprinkled with a little attitude and you have a perfect recipe for a terrible sandwich. One that will leave a bad taste for real estate in everyones’ mouth.

A Home Quiz for you:

Have you heard any of these sayings before?

Home is where the heart is.

Home is where my honey is.

Home, sweet home.

Ahh, I thought so.

Real estate is a good sound investment. The home buying and selling transaction is like none other. It is tied to heart strings…emotions. If you find a home you love, proceed forward with your negotiations, and be realistic. Eventually, the shoe will be on the other foot, and someday you will be the home seller. You will find yourself hoping that someone will come along and buy your home, and that they too, will love it like you do.

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