Worried About Facial Moles?

Worried about facial moles?



Melanocytic nevi-What are they?

Moles, also known as Melanocytic nevi, do not cause to threaten or problem when they are small in nature. They tend to be problematic if they are large, or tend to grow. Small moles are not bothersome. They tend to be problematic, if they change their color or shape drastically. Further, they do not need make-up to hide them. Moles can grow on any part of the body and not on the face only.

When can one get information on moles?

As you are searching on the internet; you may come across many blogs written regarding facial mole removal. Simple and painless procedures that you can perform at your home, without pinching your pockets are explained very well in detail. These can be tried at home. You may come across some blogs that talk about how surgical procedures are very important for moles to be gone.

Causes for growth of moles:

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When Melanocytic cells grow together in bunch rather than being spread throughout or growing separately, moles arise. There are many causes for moles. Overexposure to UV rays of the sun, not only cause the person to age faster. But they also create this problem. Parents may pass this on to their children. The problem of moles is hereditary. Out of many, these two are main causes for this problem. Apart from these, there are others too. As an example, we can find these popping up more in case of women during their pregnancy. Teenagers develop it in their puberty.

Precautions to avoid moles:

Prevention is better than cure, for sure. Hence, attempt should be made to prevent them from being grown than than treating them afterwards.

1. Protecting yourself from dangerous rays of sun:

The first thing to do is to protect you from harmful rays of sun. It is not possible to stay away from sunlight as one has to go out every day to do the work. Hence, it is very good to apply sun cream before you go out. The cream selected should not be harmful for your skin.

2. Getting rid of extra kilos:

Obesity causes so many diseases including diabetes, menstrual disorder, infertility etc. It also causes social awkwardness. It also causes moles on the skin. The solution is to exercise. You may opt for simple solutions rather than going for heavy workouts. The first thing to do is walk 30 to 45 minutes a day. Initially, this might not reduce excess weight, but will definitely make sure that you are not putting additional pounds. Walking is considered to be best for people of all age groups. Further, it is not expensive. Slowly, increase your workout and you make take some extra kilos off. What you should keep in mind is you should not be obsessed with it. It means you should not overdo it. You should not exhaust yourself, as it has disadvantages of it\’s own.

Also, use stairs instead of elevator. Enjoy bowling in a bowling alley. Cook yourself. These things will help you burn calories and enjoy your time. It is proved that swimming for 10-12 minutes does help in burning 100 calories. You can go out there on a beach to enjoy a Frisbee game with your friends, it will build your agility. Dancing will not only allow you to express yourself but also to take off extra weight.

3. Massaging the body:

In order to keep your body fit and toned, you need to massage your body regularly. But are you aware that apart from keeping your body well toned, it also helps to curb the moles growing on your skin? It has the effect of preventing moles.

Hence, we can do a lot of thing for the prevention of moles. I hope this article helps you.

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A Wrinkle Cream With Hyaluronic Acid Is A Great Choice}

Submitted by: Dr.farid Mostamand

Hyaluronic acid is a carbohydrate that is found naturally throughout the body. It works to keep the joints and muscles lubricated. Unfortunately hyaluronic acid has a short life span of perhaps one day in the skin, making it essential that it be constantly replenished to keep the skin nourished. If the skin has enough hyaluronic acid it will continue to keep the collagen production producing the connective tissue that keeps the skin structured as well as toned so that it is firmer and more youthful looking.

But like many other things in the body, the amount of hyaluronic acid produced in the skin reduces as we age. It then leaves the collagen with less moisture so that it starts to sag and becomes dried out because it cannot maintain its level of hydration needed without constant replenishment. This in turn leads to wrinkles and other visible signs of aging that will continue to worsen if the hyaluronic acid levels in the skin are not increased.

Why the Skin Needs Hyaluronic Acid

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The good news is that hyaluronic acid is abundant in the skin with almost 50% of the bodys hyaluronic acid found there. It is found in all layers of the skin and keeps the skin moistened by binding up to 1000 times its weight in water. The collagen in the skin is what keeps the skin firm and it is hydrated by the hyaluronic acid so that when the skin stretches it goes back to its shape.

Besides retaining water that in turn provides needed nourishment to the skin, hyaluronic acid is also used to reduce inflammation and is vital to keeping the skin looking and feeling healthier. Skin without this vital ingredient will have that tired loose look that becomes wrinkled and unattractive and causes premature aging if not remedied. It has also been used in products to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, melasma or Rosacea and has also been effective in treating acne. It is, therefore, used in more than anti aging products but can also be found in products to treat discoloration of the skin or scarring.

Where to Find Hyaluronic Acid

Since our production of hyaluronic acid reduces with age, we need to replenish our supply so that we can repair the skin that has been damaged from environmental stress and sun damage or premature aging. It is found often in many skin care products because it is a great moisturizer making it extremely beneficial to the skin. There are many anti aging products available where you can get the hyaluronic acid that is needed for the skin. With creams, cleansers and lotions and other products there is no problem finding one, but the amounts of hyaluronic acid in these products will vary tremendously so you need to read the labels carefully and determine which one is right for you and ensure that it is treating the skin condition that you are trying to remedy.

You can also take health supplements so that you get the hyaluronic acid internally rather than by applying it topically to the skin. Some of the supplements with ample amounts of hyaluronic acid may be more expensive, especially those that are injected rather than taken in capsule form. You can find these hyaluronic acid supplements in pharmacies, vitamin shops or health food stores and they can also be found online through distributors or other online stores.

Are There Side Effects with Hyaluronic Acid?

Most products that you purchase to be used topically in a cream, a lotion, cleanser, mask or other treatment will not contain high concentrations of hyaluronic acid but as noted the concentrations will vary by product. Most people do not have any negative reactions to hyaluronic acid but sometimes people have a mild reaction like a rash or minor skin irritation that will cease when you stop taking it. If it is injected into the skin, it might cause redness or slight pain for awhile but rarely are there any allergic reactions to hyaluronic acid. It is recommended however, that you should not take hyaluronic acid during pregnancy or if you are breast feeding especially if taken by injection as the effects are unknown on the infant.

About the Author: Dr. Farid Mostamand has written hundreds of articles on preventing the detrimental effects of skin aging. As theauthor of Ageless Skin obsession, he has first-hand experience with the most effective non-invasive treatments.



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