Choose The Right Electricity Providers

Choose the Right Electricity Providers


Jordan Adam

The Deregulation Legislation which was passed by the Government of the United States of America provides the consumers a right to choose their Electric suppliers and Gas Supplier. This legislation allows you to choose the provider of your choice over the original company in accordance to your personal needs or your business needs.

This move has opened up the Electric and Gas retail market leading to increased competition between various providers who are offering the best to the consumers to entice them into opting for their services. What this would mean to you as a consumer is that you will be able to compare electricity prices between various service providers and opt for the ones which would eventually be beneficial to you and your business. There is also a provision which allows you to switch between various providers in accordance to your wishes, so if you feel that if the rates are similar you could opt for other Electric suppliers who might offer you more in terms of value add.

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The fundamental is the same, just like you would shop for household items you will be able to also shop for electricity and gas at your convenience or by simply logging on to our website. Our services are totally free and there is no extra added cost when you opt to choose our services. Aside from choosing for a new connection after comparing electricity prices, you can also switch between providers. In this case, there is absolutely no need to disrupt power. All it takes is an email to your current provider to let them know of your desire to shift to another competitor and one email to the service provider you have chosen to let them know that you would like to opt for their services. Usually the switch takes about 2-3 billing cycles. The local wiring company who connects the electricity to your premise or business will remain the same and will continue to provide the same service of maintenance etc.

There is no fee which you will have to pay to opt for the switch of Electric suppliers, unless you request your provider to obtain a Special Meter Reading at a time other than your regular scheduled Meter Reading. Please review your contract with your present provider before you make any decisions to switch so that you do not incur any penalties etc. which have been put down in your service contract.

We at SCE help consumers in the United States of America to choose from a whole range of service providers. By simply logging on to our website, you will have the option to compare electricity prices which are being offered by various providers in your area, choose which one best suits your personal and business needs. Over a period of time, we at Naba Energy Inc. which is the parent company of SCE have helped thousands of individuals decrease their bills and ultimately helped them to choose the provider who they think fits their requirements. We are a BBB accredited business and we work with several electric suppliers in various states.

You can get a list of the providers in your area by choosing the Compare Offers now page on our website or you can call our toll free number listed on our website specific to your location. Since the Deregulation Legislation is applicable in very few states at present, you might not be able to avail of competitive offers in a lot of areas. By comparing the PTC or Price to Compare which is the price charged by your provider per KWh (Kilowatt hour) you will be able to save a lot of money on bills provided the competitive offer is available in your area.

Compare electricity and gas rates for your home and business. For more information visit us at

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