Role Of Peroxides In Teeth Whitening

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Role Of Peroxides In Teeth Whitening


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Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching have gained rapid popularity with the passage of time. Now-a-days everybody wants to have white glowing teeth to enhance the beauty of their looks. The effects of a nice confident smile in the professional world as well as in the personal field of relationships are not unknown to anyone now. With the mass gain in popularity of teeth whitening, many different teeth whitening products and kits have flocked the market. Peroxides are one of the most common ingredients that are found in almost all of these products.

Peroxides of hydrogen and carbamide are present in almost all teeth whitening products as they are known to have very good teeth whitening properties. These peroxides have oxidizing properties that provide oxygen to the teeth which in turn clean stains and colorations from the teeth. These peroxides may sometimes cause discomfort in the gums and cavities, like a burning sensation, to the people who have hypersensitivity of tooth. But this sense of discomfort is removed once the peroxide solution is rinsed or washed away from the mouth. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best teeth whitening ingredients that is present in almost all teeth whitening products and some tooth pastes as well.

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Peroxide solutions and pastes can also be prepared at home. Peroxide is considered as the most and effective means of teeth whitening ingredient and has been used as one for years now. The percentage of peroxide content in a solution determines the affectivity of the solution as a teeth whitening agent and it varies from 3% 10%. Peroxide solutions can be made at home by adding baking soda to optimum amounts of hydrogen peroxide thus forming a thick paste. Small amounts of table salt can also be added to the paste along with some tooth paste so that brushing with the paste is more pleasant and comfortable. This mixture serves as a great teeth whitening solution and can be used to brush with couple of times in a week. It is very important to be careful while brushing that one does not swallow it. There are liquid peroxide solutions found in the market that one can use to wash the mouth after brushing with this paste in order to get the best results from it.

Carbamide peroxides are also used now-a-days as teeth whitening agents and are available in many local shops and drugstores. These peroxides have even better results than the hydrogen peroxides in the sense that they can produce whiter teeth as well as make them to last longer. The teeth whitening kits available in the markets like gels, strips and trays have this carbamide peroxide content in them. The gels used by the dentists and the professionals at the clinics also have hydrogen and carbamide peroxide in them. But the percentage of these peroxides is much higher in those gels and hence they produce better and longer lasting effects than any other products. Teeth bleaching or laser whitening of teeth all use gels and solutions with peroxide content in them thus making them the key ingredients of teeth whitening.

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