Designer Textured Cushion Covers | Cushion Covers In Denizli Turkey

Designer textured cushion covers | Cushion covers in Denizli Turkey by KayteksOur company has founded in 1965 by Ahmet Kundak and started to this work by producing corduroy. Also our company took its name from that.With Hac Ahmet Kundaks Human Rights, Quality and Brand New Technology advice, we form the base for dispotion of Kayteks and all company culture is build with this dispotion.Kadife Velvet makes production for home textile with 150 employee and 8 thousand m2 area. Kayteks has started to ready-wear and production of knitted fabric in 1963. Daily production capacity of company is 5000 pieces of knitted fabric and 12.500 pieces of fitted sheet. Besides being a intagreted concession that can make all process by itself, also it is a developing employment authorty with its investments for Denizli and Turkey.It was a brand known as Aelya that produce fitted sheet and printed bedlinen from 1993 to 2000. By begining of 2000s started to acportation to contribure the revalution of country.Our company aimed, to be one of the leading constitution of sector. To make this aim happen, answer to all costumer request in any time, stage or situation with its young, dinamic staff and threat to its costumer not as a agent, as a business partner.The Knitting department controll the thread with full equiped physical laboratorys and toward to costumer request turn into to raw fabric. Besides the machines current patterned possibility, new qualities that made with different thread type, color and numbers are presented to costumer taste.So that, the R-D team is always ready to work with their experience and professional competence.Our company has proven its quality and social responsibilty with the certificates it has earned.The manufacturing capacity on a manufacturing yard over 2.000m2, with a team of 25 people, 16 circular knitting machines and 2 rubber knitting machines which work 24 hours a day is 5 tons/daily.The quality of the fabrics is checked simultaneously by the quality control department.The fabrics which are manufactured and the quality checked in the Kayteks knitting factory, are directed to the dyehouse after being identified with the barcode system and kept in the stock for a short time.In the made-up clothes department, sewing quality control packaging packing actions are all done in one place as a one-part stream manufacturing system. Kayteks, which has been manufacturing home textile since 1993, presents its collections regularly to the customers taste.Kayteks, which still keeps its co-operations with even the very first companies it worked together, has been selling sheet to the most famous brands of the World for over 10 years.The capacity in the field of home textile, in which Kayteks has been manufacturing for the most famous brands of the World, is daily 12500.Our company that is world brands production partner on home textile market promise;To detect and supply costumers expectations about price, quality, lead time and social availability and maintain the costumers pleasure continuity,To perform a quality management system provide upgrade and put reachable and measurable aims by predicate the productivity on,To provide participation of all employees and increase their pleasure,Develop business relation with supplier based on mutual benefits,To support the main suppliers for compose and lead the quality management system.Kayteks is in home textile market since 1993. Present its collections at regular intervals to the costumers. Maintaining their partnership with companies that have made its first exportation.Manufacturing sheets more than 10 years with the store chains and companies that is closely known worldwide. In the companys product group has also bed linen and pillowcase.In home textile market, Kayteks making production with world brands and its production capacity 12.000 pieces a day.The company has made export for 14 million euro.Kayteks engaged in manufacturing capacity in this area for world brands in home textiles is 12,500 pieces per day.The fabrics which are manufactured and the quality checked in the Kayteks knitting factory, Article Source:

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