Making Covered Belts At Home

Making Covered Belts at Home



Covered belts are very fashionable and voguish accessories. You can find these types of covered belts in fashion boutiques, fashion stores and online shopping websites. But these belts are little costlier than other type of belts. So if you want to save money you can make these covered belts at home. For this you need some few things to make your fabric covered belts and look gorgeous.

To make fabric covered buttons you required belting material. Belting material is an ideal material for making belt because it is very strong like belt you bought from store. If you don\’t find belting material you can also used stiff interfacing instead of it. You can purchase it from fabric stores. The another materials you required are buckle kit or buckle, fabric, paper and measuring tape.

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First of all measure the width of your waist or the place where you want to wear the belt with your coordinating dress. Add some inches in the measuring result because it will pass through the buckle. When you get your measurement that you want, cut the belting material or interfacing of that length. On a piece of paper, draw the length of the belt and add 1 into it. Double the width of the belting and add 1 1/2 for seem allowance. After all the measurement finish drawing the belt pattern piece. Now cut the fabric with the piece that you make. Fold the fabric in half and sew it upto its length. Press the seem allowance but make sure that it is in the middle of the belt. Sew this seem allowance and pull to the right side. Insert the belting material. Press the belting. After this add the buckle in it. . To add the buckle, fold the extra bit of fabric at the end of the belt through the buckle. Pin the fabric in that place. After this sew the that extra bit fabric by folding the edge under the fabric.

You can also make fabric covered buttons at home to make your dress more fashionable. Choose right fabric for your button to decorate it. You can purchase it from any art and craft shops. You can also take fabric from fabric designer because with decorative fabric from a popular designer you can make designer fabric covered button and impress anyone. The other thing need to remember while purchasing fabric for buttons is to check the thickness of fabric. Fabric should not be too thick or thin. After purchasing fabric use button maker machine to make fabric covered buttons. You can also use covered buttons to accessorizes other things such as pocket mirrors, keychains, ponytail holders, pinback buttons, shoe charms, and necklaces

With both fabric

Covered Buttons


Covered Belts

you can make your dress more stylish and trendy and impress anyone.

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