By Lanbo Jiang

“Employee welfare improving year by year, various labor and social security insurance rates are constantly expanding, and now we can do a good job factory workers a month to get 23 thousand dollars.

Although the company provided more favorable conditions , but still move enough workers. “yesterday, the U.S. Island Clothing Co., Ltd. Public Relations Department is responsible for Zhou Jianguo tell people they encountered in the recruitment on the embarrassment. “At present, our company leaving a shortfall of 120 to 150 people, as the industry’s own characteristics, personnel mobility also affects the stability of human resources, the company is expanding production scale, once a new plant to be put into production, our demand for workers increased year by year , can be said that finding workers shortage to some extent restricted the size of the company to expand and grow. “US-Island HR department head I am very worried about Fang. US-Island employees benefits the company in improving on a lot of effort, because employees are more mobile, they have taken is that staff can be insured for half a year into the factory system, and some weak sense of self-protection of migrant workers, they take the initiative to promote This year in July, the company organized a one-time to the 200 social security, this year will be a further expansion of surface.

However, these measures are not necessarily effective. Yu-fang said: “A few years ago, our company has not insured the mobility of employees, benefits and social security to become a bargaining chip to attract them, along with relevant state departments have intensified their propaganda to promote awareness of workers rights protection strengthened Many businesses in this area has improved, and now the benefits have been difficult to retain our staff. garment enterprises on the one hand it is hard to move, on the other hand, it is difficult to stay. “Textile & Garment Industry Association, Yu-Hua Zou, said:” Not only U.S. Island, a clothing company faced with such problems in the city, the textile and garment industry is generally difficult to recruitment difficulties.


In recent years, the city had a lot of clothing and textile businesses to improve the treatment of workers on to a number of ways to do may give employees a better work environment and more secure benefits, but the phenomenon has been enough local workers and are present difficult to get a fundamental solution. “city labor department of the people: now, the city’s labor-intensive industries have different There has been an issue of recruitment difficulties, textile and apparel companies in particular.

Textile recruitment difficult because in many ways. Macro that rapid economic development will inevitably bring surge in demand for labor. The rapid development of private economy, job growth in demand much faster than the natural growth rate of labor force. Specific to the city, with the export of labor services in recent years, increasing the degree of local labor force decreased; a small number of textile enterprises bankrupt, workers have to find another job, a huge loss of skilled workers. Meanwhile, over the years the rapid development of the city’s garment, textile and garment industry is relatively more intense, sometimes overtime, many young women do not want to select the textile, clothing and other labor-intensive types of work large, but is willing to enter low labor intensity and type of service industries, textile and apparel industry has also created a certain impact on recruitment.

Now, the city textile and garment manufacturers to ensure the majority of monthly income of ordinary employees in more than 700 yuan, the wage level of migrant workers have gradually lost their appeal. In addition, with increasing child, its hard work and diminishes. Practitioners in the past concentrated in the age of 20 years old, and now this age many young people in college, reading technical school, has embarked on a community, are also many would like to seek a clean, easy little of significant diversion of labor. In addition, the new launched the textile and garment production and distribution companies are more and more demand than supply for human, but also gaps in the labor force increased.

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