A Specialized Road Bike Is A Great Quality Ride

A Specialized Road Bike Is A Great Quality Ride


Dave McIntosh

Road bikes are the one bike design that is truly designed for speed. The typical position the rider is leaning forward much closer to the top tube. This leaning forward position is much more effective at translating power from your legs into the forward movement of the bike. The problem is it is also harder on your back and neck than a more upright position. That is where the Specialized road bike helps out.

These design differences are very easy to see when you compare road bikes to the different types of bikes like mountain and BMX. The typical bent handle bars of a road bike make the rider sit much lower yet more aerodynamic which helps give the rider more speed.

Specialized Bikes typically use one of these materials for their bike frames, either aluminum or carbon fiber. They each have their advantages.

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-Aluminum is stiffer and can translate the rider s energy into forward movement very efficiently. It is light weight as well and less expensive to manufacture.

-Carbon fiber is move flexible and therefore gives the rider a smoother ride. It is also lighter than aluminum and is more expensive.

There is some basic difference between competitive versus endurance bikes especially in their geometry as well as their stiffness versus comfort. Endurance bikes are typically softer when riding over bumps and less jumpy while riding as well as giving the rider a slightly more upright position. Competitive bikes on the other hand are stiffer and therefore give you a bumpier ride but give the rider more responsiveness. They also put the rider in a slightly lower body position with their back flatter. For some people their body geometry fits better with one over the other.

But you don t have to make the choice between speed and comfort. You can certainly have both with a specialized bike. For instance with the Vita Sport Flatbar road bike you sit in a more upright riding position so it is more comfortable when riding long distances. This also helps you see where you re going better as well as seeing what is happening around you and enjoying your surroundings because you re in a better position. This is also effective at increasing your safety.

At the same time this bike is quick. It has a very responsive frame and typically comes with a 24-speed Shimano drive train giving you plenty of gears for going uphill or going full tilt of the flats. While it typically comes with Shimano’s less expensive Sora groupset you can get it with an upgraded groupset. Sora is reliable but it certainly not one of their best. I personally think the 105 is ok but I wouldn t go less than Ultegra.

Being able to get out on the road on a quality road bike is one you will always appreciate. It doesn t really matter whether the ride is for pleasure, a training ride or a race having reliable wheels under you is an experience that you won t want to trade for anything.

That is why you should seriously consider a Specialized road bike for your next ride.

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A Specialized Road Bike Is A Great Quality Ride

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