Japanese H-IIA rocket launches satellite into orbit

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has successfully launched another of their H-IIA space rockets. Its payload, the MTSAT-2 satellite designed to control air traffic and track weather patterns, has successfully separated from the rocket. It is due to be inserted into a geostationary orbit on the 21st of February.

The satellite is owned by the Civil Aviation Bureau and the Japan Meteorological Agency, part of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

The rocket was launched from the Tanegashima space centre in the southern region of Kagoshima, at 15:55 (06:55 GMT). It is the ninth in a series of H-IIA rockets, which form the main part of the Japanese space program. A previous H-IIA rocket was launched less than a month ago.

2010 Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure becomes world’s largest Komen race

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The 2010 Susan G. Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure, held earlier today in St. Louis, Missouri, became the world’s largest Race for the Cure, with over 71,000 participants.

2010 marks the twelfth year for the race in St. Louis, which raises money for breast cancer research nationwide. Originally brought to the city in 1999, it has raised over US$19 million. It was sponsored by Wells Fargo Advisors, a locally-headquartered brokerage firm of the financial services provider Wells Fargo. Nationally, the Race for the Cure is hosted by Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a non-profit organization supporting breast cancer research.

In 1999, there were only about 10,000 participants in the St. Louis Race for the Cure. In recent years, the number has grown to over 60,000, and today’s 5K race saw over 71,000 runners, walkers, and wheelchair racers. Despite the heat and humidity, 1,090 teams signed up, and over 4,500 breast cancer survivors participated. Overall, the race raised more than US$3.3 million. A phone bank set up by Wells Fargo and local television station KSDK contributed over US$28,000 of that amount in four hours.

Prior to the race, there was a parade of all the breast cancer survivors who had signed up for the race. The actual competition began at 8:30 a.m. CDT (1330 UTC) with the wheelchair race. Following them were the timed runners, the untimed runners, the walkers, and lastly, the “fun walk” participants, who had only opted to walk one mile (1.6 kilometres).

The Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure is only one of many Races for the Cure, which is the largest group of 5K runs and walks in the world. The first Komen race was held in 1983 in Dallas, Texas, but has since spread to over 140 cities throughout the world. Proceeds from today’s St. Louis race will benefit both local institutions and the rest of the United States. At least 25 percent of the money raised will go toward funding national research on breast cancer, while the rest will be given to organizations in St. Louis for breast cancer awareness programs.

Finest Garden Gnomes Available

By James Hegel

Lots of people take pleasure in flower gardens and enjoy accessorizing them utilizing yard ornaments. Garden ornaments tend to describe your garden and help tell a story, and there are numerous different types to choose from. The most popular kind of garden decoration will have to be these adorable tiny garden gnomes. Backyard lawn gnomes are usually thrilling, colorful little guys who are filled with character! These well known ornaments are being used just about everywhere as well as there are numerous sorts to pick from!

In case your garden appears dull or boring, and you intend to spice things up a lttle bit, I suggest you look for funny garden gnomes. Having a lawn gnome statue will probably catch the attention of people passing your lawn due to the fact it’s impossible to overlook these types of precious figurines. These decorative gnomes initially were being useful to safeguard versus evil sorcery during the Eighteenth century in Germany, however the purpose has evolved ever since then into attractive tiny decorations! The basic lawn gnome features a pointy crimson hat and also generally is finished with a gray or even white-colored beard. They’re generally made from porcelain, so when you purchase the gnome try to be very careful while handling it simply because it’ll be delicate. In the event garden gnomes tickle your fancy but you don’t get the “Whoa!” aspect from your regular statue, perhaps a female garden gnome will scream out to you. Girl garden gnomes aren’t very different from every other lawn gnome with the exception that they are available in many different looks. The actual football girl garden gnome statue is a decent example of a female garden gnome available. Needless to say, there are more lady gnomes you are able to choose from, you just need to choose the right one!

YouTube Preview Image

I just recommended earlier that you should look for humorous lawn gnomes, and now I’m going to explain just what the funny garden gnome is. If you are prepared for a chuckle and a giggle, look into the hilarious lawn gnomes. A number of the amusing gnome statues is going to crack you up for example the mooning garden gnome, a zombie garden gnome, and also the miniature garden gnomes! The particular mooning garden gnome is popular with it’s 4 rosy red-colored cheeks and its naive grin. Up in line next will be the dangerous zombie garden gnome figurine. I assure you, they are quite the looker. Mini garden gnomes also are pretty stunning, and very small. They appear identical to the bigger version of garden gnomes, with the exception of they are much, much smaller. In case none of these samples of garden gnomes tickle your fancy, keep looking simply because we’d literally end up being right here all day if I started listing off all of the available gnomes.

I love all garden gnomes; they are simply delightful to keep on your patio, and perfect for adding joy to every yard. You could in no way be unsuccessful with keeping a lawn gnome in your backyard. The cute figurines will add a majestic feel to your lawn, that everyone could be attracted to. Find the right garden gnome available for you today!

About the Author: Yard ornaments aren’t just for making a person’s yard look elegant. They can help create individuality as well as variety in an otherwise dull back garden. A few of the neatest ornaments are gnomes just like the

funny garden gnomes

, female garden gnomes, mooning gnome and several various other hilarious

gnomes for sale

. Do not delay – check one out today!



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Surviving The Holidays!!!}

Surviving the Holidays!!!



Another holiday season is upon us, and with it all the excitement that accompanies it, as well as all its chaos. The holiday season commemorates a tradition of cultural or religious importance. At the same time, it can serve as a period to enjoy the company of your loved ones, have better interactions, and center yourself even if you dont celebrate christmas, hanukkah, or kwanzaa.

Many times, we get caught up with the rush and chaos of the holiday season and lose sight of its true meaning. Most times, this period becomes a time of pandemonium, lethargy, material excess, bingeing, and/or conflict.

Maybe this year, we can approach it in a different manner.

Tips on approaching the Holidays in a healthier manner


Remember that what you eat has a direct impact on your body and your mind. Even if you are eating a little extra, do not neglect your daily dose of organic vegetables and fruits, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

Keep yourself hydrated. Drink at least 3 liters of water daily.

Take supplements to fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet. At least, take a whole-food multivitamin, probiotics, vitamin C, D, Fish or krill oil, and powdered greens.

Remain Active

Do you want to avoid disease or improve your health?? Avoid sedentarism!

Exercise is a must: Incorporate cardio and strength training at least 4 times a week.

Keep Your Mind & Spirit on Track

It helps to have a holistic approach when dealing with the holidays. It is not only about keeping your body healthy. You must keep you mind and spirit on the right track.

Be good to yourself. Do things that you enjoy and allow you to relax.

Remain thankful for all you have.

Maintain a giving attitude. Its not all about material stuff. Give guidance and your time when possible.

Treat people like you want to be treated.

Remain optimistic. If you are going through rough times, keep your focus on the positives available and wanted results.

Let go of the need to control. Accept that you cannot control other people or even outcomes, sometimes. You only have control over your thoughts, attitudes, reactions, and actions.

Set healthy boundaries and Respect others boundaries.

Stop negative commentary We are all different and we do not have to like or approve others behaviors or lifestyles. If you do not have anything positive or constructive to say, Dont say anything.

Let go of expectations and the need to be appreciated. Even if you treat people in a great way, know that they are not necessarily are going to reciprocate.

With the aim of keeping a joyful state, stay away from negative toxic people if possible. This helps you to avoid unnecessary drama.

Prepare for conflict and do not engage. Know that even if you are in a positive jolly mood, some people are going to create conflict and even lash out at you. Do not let them suck you into their chaos.

When dealing with unavoidable conflictive people, it helps to look at them as damaged children since, many times, their unhealthy upbringing helped create their negative patterns. Remind yourself to be patient.

Know your limits and feel free to walk away if you need it. Get some air and take some time to center yourself.

Take responsibility for all you do and everything that happens in your life it is all your creation, in one way or another.

Adriana Albritton is the Founder of A Fit Wellness and the blog FitINAll.com This Colombian native is a Fitness Wellness Mentor and published writer. For more info on

The Best Way To Lose Weight Tips

visit fitnall.com

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Brazilian President Lula met Chavez, military and economic cooperation

Thursday, February 17, 2005

CARACAS, Venezuela – The Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva met the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on February 14, 2005 in Caracas, Venezuela. Brazil and Venezuela signed agreements of cooperation on many areas. According to the Brazilian government this was a strategical encounteur. This meeting is the first of three meetings that President Lula will have with South American Presidents in three days. The scheduled meetings are with the presidents of: Venezuela (February, 14), Guiana (February, 15) and Suriname (February, 16).

President Lula was accompanied by the following comitiva: the Minister of Development, Industry, and External Trade Luiz Fernando Furlan, the Minister of Finance Antônio Palocci, the Minister of Foreign Relations Celso Amorim, the Minister of Health Humberto Costa, the Minister of Mines and Energy Dilma Roussef, the Minister of Tourism Walfrido Mares Guia, the President of Petrobras José Eduardo Dutra, the President of National Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES) Guido Mantega, the President of Eletrobrás Silas Rondeau Cavalcante Silva and the Special Secretary for Aquaculture and Fisheries José Fritsch. In addition a delegation of executives representing enterprises from Brazil accompanied the President.

The Brazilian Ministry of External Relations told the trip aims the construction of a strategical alliance and commercial integration between both countries. The Brazilian Presidential Advisor Marco Aurélio Garcia said:”With this gesture, Brazil will consolidate one of its major political goals, which is the constitution of a South American community of nations”. He added: “These agreements with Venezuela are strategical. We want this agreement as a model for other agreements in the region.”

According to President Lula the integration of the Latin America is the priority number one of his government. Days before the arrival in Venezuela and commenting about the trip Lula said: “We’re going to do the same thing in Colombia and in other countries in which integration is no longer a campaign speech but part of the way we deal with real things, day to day”.

The integration of the Latin America is the politics repeatedly proposed by Lula during the meetings of the Foro de São Paulo. According to him and the others members of the Foro there must be a integration among all the left parties and governments of Latin America. The union aims to be an alternative and opposing force to the politics and influence of the richest countries, mainly the United States. Among the organizations which are usually participants of the Foro de São Paulo are: Communist Party of Cuba, Colombian Communist Party, Communist Party of Bolivia, Communist Party of Brazil, Workers’ Party, Paraguayan Communist Party, Peruvian Communist Party, Socialist Party of Peru, National Liberation Army, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front, Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity, Tupamaros.

On December 4, 2001 during the 10th edition of the Foro de São Paulo in Havana Lula said:”A shoal of small fish may mean the finishing of the hungry in our countries, in out continent. We should not think as the History ended on our journey by the Earth. Even it happens just once, or with one gesture, let’s effectively contribute to the improve the life of millions of human beings who live socially excluded by this neoliberal model.”[1]

In Venezuela, once again, he brought out the integration wish: “This is the biggest dream I am carrying, that we can negotiate collectively, not like one country, but like a set of countries so we can do that our people may have the chance to conquer the full citizenship.”


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China sets up US$10 billion credit line with European nations

Sunday, April 29, 2012

China has pledged US$10 billion in credit to back joint projects with Central and Eastern European countries. Visiting Chinese Premiere Wen Jiabao announced the deal at a business forum in Warsaw, Poland, and said he hopes the deal will facilitate the two sides’ cooperation.

To boost business and trade, Wen said that China wants to help with infrastructure projects, including new technologies and green economy sectors. Also discussed at the Economic Forum was a new investment cooperation fund which would initially boast US$500 million to assist Chinese investments in the region. He also announced a plan to expand the Chinese market with other countries with hopes to build trade exchange to US$100 billion before the year 2015.

“China will work with countries in Central and Eastern Europe to mutually open the markets and to increase the trade exchange to $100 billion before 2015,” Wen said.

He said trade volume between China and central and eastern European countries reached 52.9 billion US dollars in 2011 and had grown 27.6 percent a year on average since 2001, when it was only 4.3 billion US dollars.

Thus far, the largest Chinese investment has been a €1.2 billion (US$1.6 billion) deal made by China’s Wanhua Industrial Group that gained full control of Borsodchem, a Hungarian chemicals firm. Other recent investments were made in Serbia, where a €170 million (US$225 million) bridge was built over the Danube river in Belgrade.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk of Poland happily welcomed the Chinese investment, noting the country’s uprising economy and European leadership role. Both Wen and Tusk enthused about the potential they say their partnership has and encouraged others in the region to form similar agreements.

The Chinese are “very pragmatic” in business, Andrzej Pawelec of Agrihortus company said, who is seeking new partners in China to sell its beverages. “If they see a good and honest business proposal, they are always open.”

Wen started his official visit to Poland on Wednesday. Poland is the last leg of a four-nation Europe tour that included visits to Iceland and Sweden and the opening ceremony of the Hannover Fair in Germany.

Australian PM announces $1.8 billion mental health plan

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Australian Prime Minister John Howard has announced a five year plan costing AU$1.8 billion to address issues with the country’s mental health system. The plan follows a commitment made at the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting in February.

The federal government will improve access to clinical and health services, increase the number of mental health professionals in Australia, create mental health work teams consisting of GPs, psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health nurses, provide respite services for people suffering mental illness and their carers, and introduce new programs for community awareness.

Mr Howard said the plan addresses issues which fall into its area of responsibility. He hopes that the states and territories will complement the federal government’s package by investing in supported accommodation, hospital and emergency services, crisis care services and the provision of mental health care in gaols.

Under the federal government’s plan, psychologists will play a greater role in the mental health system. From November, Patients will be able to claim a rebate from Medicare (Australia’s universal healthcare scheme) for the services of psychologists if they have been referred by a GP or psychiatrist. At present patients pay around $100 for a standard 30 minute consultation.

Mr Howard claims that there is an issue for mental health professionals in treating patients with a substance abuse problem and mental illness. To address this the government will provide extra funding for drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

The government will increase the mental health workforce by funding an additional 400 mental health nursing and 200 clinical psychology places. 900 personal helpers and mentors will also be employed.

The government has promised increase funding for telephone counselling and suicide prevention services, living skills programs and additional support for those with a mental illness who are having difficulty finding or keeping work.

The government will also provide 900 personal helpers and mentors, increase funding for living skills programs and provide additional employment assistance to those who have difficulty finding or retaining employment due to their illness.

Cork Underlayment For Insulation}

Cork underlayment for insulation


Larry TaggartOne of the most important aspects you need to focus on when you are building a house is insulation. If you want to keep the heat inside from slipping out, you must focus on cork underlayment for the floors first, but this is not the only aspect you have to consider. If want to cover more weak points, you should turn to cork wall panels as well.The floors of your home are the first ones you have to target when it comes to insulation. This happens because a lot of the cold air in your house comes from the bottom and this is going to affect the comfort you will enjoy. As long as you feel cold at your feet, you will not be able to enjoy the warm air from your waist up and it affects your comfort.This is one of the reasons why you will need to choose the right materials for the floors. Natural stone such as marble or granite may seem like the ideal solutions, but they are cold at the touch and this is going to influence the comfort you will enjoy. This is one of the reasons why you explore other options to cover the floors in your home instead.Wood is one of the solutions you have at hand, but you also focus on laminate flooring instead. They feel warmer at every step and this is going to help you enjoy it much better. But the materials that will come in direct contact with your feet must not be placed directly on the cement base since this is going to compromise the way you will feel.This is why you need to focus on cork underlayment for extra insulation. This is a material that will help you make the most of your floor covers no matter if you will turn to wood, laminate flooring, cork floating floors or even cork tiles. This is an extra layer that will keep the cold of the cement away from your feet to enhance your comfort.But the floors are not the only ones that allow the heat to escape a house. If you want to be sure you keep as much of it as you can inside, you must focus on the walls as well. If they are made out of bricks and you do not have any insulation on the outside, you can turn to cork wall panels to insulate them from the inside and reduce heat transfer.The less heat will escape your house, the less you will pay for the heating bills and the more comfort you will enjoy at the same time. If you want to use the right solutions so you can reduce the transfer of heat, you can turn to the site of icorkfloor.com for it. This is where you will find most of the answers you seek when it comes to the insulation of your home and the materials that will help you achieve this goal.Cork underlayment

is one of the best options you can turn to for the insulation of your floors, but there are other options you should check out. If you will use

cork wall panels

as well, you will be able to reduce the transfer of heat and your home will be more comfortable.

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Sunflower oil saves at-risk newborns from infection

Saturday, March 5, 2005 Simply massaging low birth weight babies with sunflower seed oil can protect them from potentially fatal infections.

Infections and complications from preterm birth cause more than half of all neonatal deaths, and very low birth weight babies are particularly vulnerable.

Preterm babies have immature skin that lacks a protective film called vernix that has antimicrobial properties.

In some countries, such as India, newborns are routinely massaged with mustard oil.

But mustard oil, says Gary Darmstadt of John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, can delay recovery of the skin barrier and have a toxic effect on skin.

Seeking an alternative low-cost product, Darmstadt and colleagues experimented with sunflower oil and an ointment called Aquaphor that comprises petrolatum, mineral oil, mineral wax and lanolin.

The researchers tested the treatments on 497 newborns (72 hours old or less) and preterm babies (less than 33 weeks gestation) between 1998 and 2003 in Bangladesh.

They applied the treatments to the entire body besides the scalp and face three times daily for the first 14 days and then twice daily until discharge.

Babies treated with sunflower oil were found 41% less likely to develop infections than controls.

“Evidence is emerging that the skin is much more important as a barrier to infection than previously recognized, particularly in preterm infants whose skin is underdeveloped,” says Darmstadt. “The good news is that treatment is available to strengthen the function of the skin as a barrier in these vulnerable newborns.”